The Higher the Armor Rating, the Less it Covers

Attempt #2 at leveling an alt. This time, it looks like she may have a very good chance at hitting 70. Maybe.

I’ve been leveling up a Paladin with my friend, using the Refer-a-Friend promotion. I went full Protection spec, he went full Restoration spec as a Druid, and man, it is A LOT of fun. I’m telling you now, I still don’t know much about being a Paladin, and this Refer-a-Friend promotion doesn’t help. I level up three times faster, which also means I only spent a third of what normal Paladin players spent learning the class. So I are still n00b.

Even on a PvE server, I have the natural reaction to attack the opposing faction.

I would gather around ten to fifteen mobs, do some line of sighting if some of them are casters, drop Consecration down, and stare at the insane amount of combat text floating around on my screen. Any Paladins have any useful mods they use for combat text? All I see on my screen is Consecration, Blocks, Retribution Aura, Holy Shield, Blessing of Sanctity damage all over my screen. This is on top of the HoTs I am getting from the Druid, and all the damage I am receiving from the group of mobs.

Are you SURE this gear prevents more damage?

I also realized as I get better and better gear, my Paladin has been showing more and more skin. Ooh new pants with + 239 more armor! I am exposed below the kneecaps now. Ooh new chest piece with +324 armor! Now my belly is exposed. Yay new shoulders! It only covers one shoulder though.

Good thing I made a female character. This image could have been disturbing if I had made a Male Blood Elf instead.

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  • Lin [EG] said:

    -laughs- Yeah, I’ve wondered about that on my characters too.

    “Yaaaaaay! Better gear!” -puts it on- “Er… I think I’m showing more skin than I’m covering… how is it better gear? o.O”

    Good luck with the pally! Alts are painful to level… and, for me, it hardly gets easier with the more you have. I get bored more often…

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  • Kadomi said:

    Ah, but you see, Blizzard has reserved all the skimpy pieces of plate and mail for female characters. What’s basically a bikini on girls is a fine pair of pants on male characters. No plate chaps for the boys!

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  • Aetius said:

    For a good combat text mod, try Parrot. It’s an Ace2 mod that reorganizes all the text into scroll areas, outgoing/incoming/alerts and groups multiple hits from the same ability.

  • Andris said:

    I totally agree with Aetius — Parrot is the way to go. (At least for me; I get all the way into Hyjal as a pally tank with it, although at that point the numbers are totally useless, as all you really want to know there is “are any mobs getting away from me?”)

    I’ve also used Mik’s Scrolling Combat Text, but Parrot is generally easier to use (it uses the very nice Ace preferences tool), and the overall result is fairly similar. Both allow you to set up “paths” for different types of text; in the default setup, incoming damage/heals is on a left-hand arc from bottom to top, outgoing damage is in a similar right-side arc, and crits (incoming and outgoing) “stick” in the center of the screen in bold.

    Also, both know how to combine damage from the same source at the same time (e.g. Consecration ticks), so you’ll just see “893 Consecration (7 hits)”, rather than 7 yellow numbers all saying “128″ or whatever.

    And yes, the armor models for for females are significantly more revealing than those for males, pretty much up until you start talking about the tier sets. A friend of mine’s female rogue was wearing blue assless chaps at level 70 for a while…

    Good luck on Verigan’s Fist! It’s a good weapon for a number of levels.

  • Euripedes said:

    I don’t bother with any SCT mods, because I heartily enjoy seeing masses of numbers fill up on my screen.

    I believe my exact quote was “BAAAHAHAHAHAHAAA!”

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  • Tuna (Author) said:

    @ Aetius and Andris

    Thanks for the recommendation of Parrot! The merging of damage of the same source was really nice.

    @ Rip

    Haha yes my Mage blood still likes seeing masses of numbers fill up my screen. The difference is as a Protection Paladin, I also see masses of RED numbers on my screen, as well as WHITE numbers (wtf is white numbers?) and a bunch of avoidance stuff (dodge/block/parry). It just looks like I’m tanking a bunch of numbers.