My First Alt to 60

Yep I got my Paladin to 60, with a huge help from the Refer-a-Friend promotion. I also leveled from 10 to 60 as a Protection Paladin too! Having a Restoration Druid following me around and leveling too, makes it a whole lot easier though. Her gear is a little low though. How long did it take us? Take a look at this:

Yes I use the same UI with all my characters.

It took us a little over 2 days and 13 hours of actually game time. Probably a lot less if you take out some time spent /afk in Undercity, or riding around to level up Mining, or scanning the Auction House.

Another perk of the Refer-a-Friend program is the granting of levels. For every two levels the “Preferred” friend gains, that person can grant the “Referrer” friend a level up, to any character at a lower level than the character that leveled up. The only catch is that you must grant the levels before the character hits level 60, or they are lost.

So when we hit level 59, we didn’t want to put those free levels to go to waste, so I also made a Mage on that server. I finished up all the beginning area quests and hit level 10. My friend then summoned my Mage to Undercity, and then granted me 29 levels.

Level 39 with under 2hrs played: Hacks!

So there I was, with a small crowd around me, wondering what just happened, getting accused of hacking. A level 39 Mage, standing there, still in my “White Apprentice Robe of the Mage” and my “Grey Bracers of Cloth”, with no money, and no gear. A few kind souls actually traded me some Tailored gear (thanks!) to help me get on my way. I sent myself like a hundred gold, and went on a shopping spree on my new Mage. At least she doesn’t look like a bum anymore.

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  • Mike said:


    I did that Recruit A Friend as well. I got together with 2 friends… And bought them their copy of WoW and a 60-day card.

    I rolled a shammy, and my buds rolled a warrior and a rogue. It took us roughly 30 hours to level to 60. 30 hours. Just crazy.

    Then, when we all ding’d 59, I created a level 1 warlock. They summoned him to them in Hellfire – and they took turns giving him 29 levels each. He was level 59 with his level 1 gear. Hilarious. Talk about a pre-made. It was just like that video where the person did the same thing. 1-60 in under 2 minutes.

    In my mind – Recruit A Friend is the only way to level from 1-60…

  • TXSundevil said:

    Wife and I have been doing the same thing lately Tuna, tryin to round out our selection of characters, we curently have ran a Lock and Pally, a Druid and Warrior and are working on a Hunter and Druid. With the first two combo’s we have topped off my Enhance shammy and my priest. Although it is loads of fun, as we get to try out some characters we never thought we’d have the time to see past 20, I never stopped to consider that dilema…there we were standing in shat just like you…accused of hacking wondering how my shammy would fare in Ramps all decked out in his Scarlet Monestary gear!

    Been a great way to pass the time leading up to the expansion. Whats your favorite way to Level them? The wife and I have found that blowing quests till about 20 just cruises at lightspeed, and after that from Stockades to SM to ZF, when you speed through these instances behind one of your 70′s on another account, the triple XP pretty much offsets the fact that there is a 70 present and it just fly’s. Again its been fun for us to rush em to 60 and see what they can really do….but we like you have a basic understanding of the other classes….I wonder how first time WoWers feel with that shiny new 60 in 2 days played….and not a piece of gear or a clue what they really do?


    Quick Edit……btw the friend can be 60 and grant you levels, it is only your ability to get levels from them that ceases at 60. The one we used to top off my shammy who was 45, was her new 60 Warrior… dinged him straight to 60 from being mid way through 45.

  • Euripedes said:

    Just started myself, this is kickass.

    Leveling up 3 times from attempting to do a single quest is just too awesome for words.

    Euripedess last blog post..Recruit A Friend, and Greek Names

  • Tuna (Author) said:

    @ Mike

    You are right, Refer-a-Friend is the only way to level to 60 now for me. We’ve been spoiled and can no longer go back to the old ways. I tried leveling one of my old alts, and I can’t do it anymore.

    @ TXSundevil

    For us, we did all the quests possible for areas we liked (not too much running around) and quests which just say, “kill x amounts of y and come back”. When we got to the level required for SM, we logged on to one of our high level accounts and ran the alts through and we were getting a ton of exp per run. We did SM to ZF to ST, after that, we hit 60 at Felwood and Winterspring.

    To tell you the truth, I am still very clueless at the Paladin class. I did however tanked Ramparts successfully the other night, with only one wipe. I was still in Scarlet Monastery blues and greens.

    Oh and thanks for the heads up on still granting levels at 60. I still had one free level up left :)

    @ Rip


  • shrinkedge said:

    Aww… how I envy you all, always wanted to play a Pally but never had the determination to level one. Dont have any friends to dish out the free levels either. Guess its still the old /played 15 days for me

  • TXSundevil said:

    No problem, if you only had any idea how much you’ve helped me with my mage, I wanted to be frost, but all the reading scared me before hand and I was so worried about raiding that way, but really wanted to do it still. Your advise and stories and analysis inspired me,.M y mage will more than likely never pass the opening 25′s before the expansion now, but it is a treat to watch what he can do. Soooo anyway…happy I could actually give you a little tidbit of Info. And an update on our RAF alts, my Pally is a mystery to me too!


    off topic…..ghost hit functioning in WoTLK?

  • Tuna (Author) said:

    @ shrinkedge

    The Paladin class had been a lot of fun for me to play. The problem which many players have is the somewhat slower rate of leveling as a Paladin, and are easily turned off. Normally you would have to solo your way as Retribution spec. However if you can find a friend to level up with, who doesn’t mind just healing you as you level together, you can do what I do and go Protection spec. Even without triple experience, it is still a fast way to get things done, and you can level up very quickly.

    @ TXSundevil

    I’m glad that you found some of this stuff helpful. Thanks for sharing some info about your experiences. It may be a little tidbit of info, but it’s stuff like this that keeps me writing.

    Haha yea, I’m slowly learning more about my Paladin by finding various Pally Blogs. I listed a few good ones in my WoW Blog List.

    Ghost Hit is sadly gone with WotLK.

  • Mattack said:

    I leveled my shaman to 65 before i started giving levels away. :)