Funniest Mask for Taurens

Meet Tuanass the Tauren. He is a Druid, and he loves his Male Human Halloween mask. He is only level 20-ish at the moment, so he really doesn’t have any better helms to wear. Even if he did, he probably wouldn’t wear it. Not until the 7 day limit on the mask wears off.

His huge head makes the mask he wears even bigger, which makes it even more hilarious when I run him around doing quests. Even when he is on the flight paths playing Bejeweled he looks ridiculous. Me and my friend can’t help but to just laugh at him whenever we see him.

Tuanass has only been created yesterday, using the Refer-a-Friend Promotion. He only has til November 4-6th to reach level 60. Godspeed Tuanass the Tauren!

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