Hallow’s End: Good Luck on the Mount!

I was lucky enough to grab mine last year, and [The Horseman's Reins] is still my all-time favorite mount. Good luck to you if you are going after it this Hallow’s End.


As for me, I am still missing one thing to get the required achievement from the Hallow’s End event. I still need my [Sinister Squashling] for the “Hallowed Be Thy Name” achievement.

Once I get that, then finally, I will have the “What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been” achievement. And with that, I will get my first 310% Speed Flying Mount: [Reins of the Violet Proto-Drake].

Hopefully you’ll see a “Yay I got my Violet Proto-Drake” post sometime in the near future. That or a “Damn you Blizzard! I hate you!” post when Hallow’s End is over. Til then- Happy Hunting!

Utada has her Halloween costume all ready!

Costume Consists of:

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