Early Birthday Gift

With my Birthday coming just around the corner (the 22nd), it looks like I’ve been given an early Birthday presents- and this was given to me by the Headless Horseman. Thanks Mr. Headless Horseman!

I finally got my [Sinister Squashling] pet to drop, and completed my “Hallowed Be Thy Name” achievement. Also with that achievement out of the way, I completed the “What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been” achievement, which then rewarded me with my Violet Proto-Drake!

Even though it says the mount is a “Very Fast” mount, it is actually 310% Flying Speed- which now (sadly) replaces my Headless Horseman mount as “The” flying mount of choice. I wish Blizzard would make it so that when you obtain a mount of a certain speed, you can apply that speed to any mount of your choice.

Also, I’ve trying to get my Achievement points up so I could get the new “It’s Over Nine Thousand!” achievement. Why? So I have an excuse to make another “Over Nine Thousand!” post! I’m currently closing up on 8000. Almost there…

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