I Haz Headless Horseman Mount!

Continuing the good day I was having on my Birthday, I got a message from my partner in crime to do a couple runs at the Headless Horseman. I thought to myself, “she wants to steal another mount from me!”, but I didn’t mind, I still needed the Helm and Pet for the other achievement I needed.

First couple of summons, we didn’t get anything but the same rings over and over again. The [Hallowed Helm] and [Sinister Squashling] finally dropped a few attempts later. I won the helm and lost the pet.

The group went through many alt rotations. Switch to Alt A, pick up quest at Goldshire, summon Alt A, and so on. By picking up the quest, they were able to summon the Headless Horseman with the quest, then summon him again as a daily quest.

Then it finally happens…

Greed the Pet, lost, I didn’t care anymore. My eyes were on a much bigger prize now. Now to wait for everyone to hit “greed” while I hit “need”. That is what our partner was thinking, I know it! Warlocks are evil like that. Things went smoothly though, and everyone hit greed, and Blizzard presented me with my Birthday present.

I couldn’t find the mount at first while I was searching through my pages of Mounts. I eventually found it, but it had the same icon as a normal human mount so it was hard to find.

Thanks to everyone in the group for that long night of summonings. Especially for letting me stay in the group while everyone logged on to their billions of alts, while I only had my Mage.

Utada – 1, Harmi – 1

The best thing about the [The Horseman's Reins] is that it functions like this year’s broom mounts. It scales according to your riding level. So if you have the skill to ride flying mounts, so will the horse!!

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  • krizzlybear said:

    Congrats, and Happy Birthday! I’ll be rooting for the Phillies just for you!

    Also because I’m a Jays guy, and I always root for the NL team whenever the Jays miss the playoffs (which is always!)

    krizzlybears last blog post..A Less Original Hundredth Post

  • willie said:

    Grats man, now it’s my turn LOL, have the rings need mount! Also Happy bday!

  • Gnomeaggedon said:

    That’s awesome!
    Happy Birthday and happy riding…

    If I could work out how to un-soulbound my spare pet, and send it across servers… it would be yours… gift wrapping included!

    Gnomeaggedons last blog post..Taurens are…

  • Cynra said:

    Congratulations! That’s a great birthday gift!

    Cynras last blog post..Let the Bodies Hit the Floor

  • Kadomi said:

    Congratulations, and happy birthday. :)

    I got the mount on Monday, and I think it might be the coolest mount ever. I really love the functionality that it will adjust to the riding skill.

    Kadomis last blog post..

  • gmazeroth said:

    Awesome on the mount! I love this new mechanic of the “smart” mount. I’m hoping they can retro fit it to current flying mounts so we can ride Gryfins and Hippogryphs in Azeroth (even if it’s on the ground).

    As far as the pet goes, be sure to trick or treat from the innkeepers as often as you can since the squashling can also be obtained that way. It’s how I got mine! I’ve done all of the hallowe’s eve achievements now, except for that pesky mask one.

    gmazeroths last blog post..Azeroth. Population: Lots of Zombies

  • joggoms said:

    That’s awesome! Grats!

    I’ve done buttloads of runs, but I’ve yet to see the epic mount or helm. Good to know it *really* is out there. :)

  • Girdel said:

    That’s kind of lucky of you that everyone greeded. The other day the mount dropped, but everyone needed. But I still won the mount