Tuna and Hallow’s End

Hallow’s End time again, and the Headless Horseman is back! Like Coren Direbrew during Brewfest, you have the opportunity to the Headless Horseman everyday until Novemeber 1st. The notable loot many players will be aiming for is the new sword which summons pumpkins to fight for you, or a broom mount.

I just got my broom mount today, and unlike last years, the broom will auto adjust depending on your current riding skill level. So if you only have level 40 riding skill, so your broom will be the same speed as your current mount. If you have the epic flying mount skill, the broom will also fly in Outland as an epic flying mount. Sadly, like last year’s brooms, they still have the 14 day duration on the mounts. The good news is that it still retains its ability to be use for instant mounting.

Now I need the Pumpkin Sword, the Pumpkin Head helm, and the Pumpkin pet. Good luck to everyone on their loots!

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