Mage Tricks for Achievements

It has almost been a month since The Echoes of Doom patch was released, and the Achievement system with it. Since the release, everyone and their mothers have been running around doing ridiculous chores in order to unlock these Achievements. Including myself.

Now there a few achievements out there which take a massive amount of time to unlock, a few which only takes a few minutes, and then there are some which requires a bit of luck. Being a Mage, there are a few tricks we have in our Spellbook which may help make some of those achievements easier to acquire.

The Exploration Achievements

For our first trick, we have the ability to Teleport to every Major City in our faction, as well as the main Capital in Outland. We can travel to any location in the World of Warcraft fairly quickly, without any help.

There have been a increase in Portal requests thanks to the Achievement system. Players with their Hearth Stone on cooldown, will be looking for Mages to take them where they want to go. This also ties in well with the next achievement I will be talking about.

The Loremaster Achievements

These achievements require you to go back and complete any old quests you may have skipped while leveling up. Which there will be quite a lot that you haven’t done yet, and quite a lot of traveling you will need to do.

Remember to set your map to Track Low Level Quests, and concentrate on one level at a time. As a Mage, we can afford to set our Hearth Stone to where we are questing, without fear of getting back to a Major City when we have to.

Oh and while you are questing in certain areas, if there is an Instance around, you might as well start up on our next group of achievements.

Classic Dungeon Achievements

As a Mage, we are able to Solo pretty much all of the Classic Dungeons. The only thing holding us back would be instances which require Keys that you don’t have, or require two other players to help start an event (Upper Blackrock Spire).

Who knows, you may get lucky and unlock a Feat of Strength while soloing Stratholme?

Food and Drink Achievements

For these two achievements, we are required to eat 50 different types of food, and 25 different types of drinks. Food and Water? That is our specialty!

As a Mage, we get a head start on this achievement, with 8 Ranks of Food, and 9 Ranks of Water available to conjure up. Each different Rank count towards the total for each achievement. It is up to you if you want to share some of it with your friends.

“Going Down?” Achievement

While all the rest of the less classes are complaining in Guild Chat about dying many times trying to get this achievement, this was the easiest, and most likely the first achievement we got when we logged on patch day. All thanks a little Spell we have called Ice Block.

Simply fly straight up on your flying mount really high, dismount, and be prepare to pop your Ice Block. Pop it a bit early in order to compensate for any lag you may have, and then voila! You got your achievement.

For those without a flying mount yet, you can do the same thing by jumping off Lumber Mill in Arathi Basin, or if you are Alliance, off the top of the Stormwind Harbor. Thanks to Willie for the heads up on this tip!

There are probably more achievements out there which I may have missed, but these are some which came to mind while writing this. If you have anymore to add, let me know and I’ll add it to the list. Have fun getting sucked into the Achievement System!

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  • willie said:

    W00T thanks for the shout out Tuna! Just hop on your mount and ride right down the road heading out of SW into the harbor and jump off where the walkway bumps out, aiming for the boat on the left. To far left and you will hit the next landing below and fail, There are some large arrow launch things just below where you will land.

  • gnomeaggedon said:

    invis for scouting enemy cities for exploration and fishing achievements

    gnomeaggedons last blog post..Achievement content reality check

  • blessing_of_death said:

    Invis isn’t too great for scouting since you can only see other invisible players and npcs, but I do agree it was very helpful in infiltrating Ogrimmir for the fishing achievement.

  • Solidstate said:

    As a Mage, we are able to Solo pretty much all of the Classic Dungeons.

    You as a mage wearing 4/8 T6 and with the sword from Archimonde can do it because you do enough damage that the bosses die before they can kill you (I saw – nice btw :) )

    However for the rest of us mortals, a mage is the least likely class to solo a level 60 instance at level 70. Too squishy, no healing and no ability to kite the boss (bosses are immune to all slowdowns/cc except Arcane’s Slow).

    Solidstate, EU-Thunderhorn
    Frost mage and loving it :)

  • Mae said:

    Great info!! Oh, I also watched the vid of you soloing Strath and I am now going to have to try it! Wish me luck.

    Maes last blog post..Since the patch…

  • Euripedes said:

    Confirmed that soloing Stratholme (all bosses, even Timmy) does not garner a Feat of Strength.

    Aww. No Baron Mount either, though I did manage to get the “Baron run” done with ten minutes to spare.

    There are very few lower level instances a mage cannot solo. Yes, you can kite the vast majority of low level bosses, simply because they don’t have a faster than 100% run speed.

    For instance, Ramstein can be killed using Ice Lance only, while jumping.

    Euripedess last blog post..The Sacking of Orgrimmar – Pfeh, Yeah Right

  • blessing_of_death said:

    Confirmed that soloing Stratholme (all bosses, even Timmy) does not garner a Feat of Strength.

    The Feat of Strength Tuna was refering to was getting Baron’s Mount :)


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