Dead Fantasy

I stumbled upon something incredible while browsing the interweb. A user created battle royale video between the TeamNinja Girls and SquareEnix Girls. Think Super Smash Brothers but with an all female cast from the Dead or Alive series, and the Final Fantasy series. It is like a dream come true for some people.

The videos were created by, Monty Oum, and wow… I am speechless. Everything was very well made, and the fight scenes were well arranged. You would think that it was animated by Pixar and choreographed by Yuen Woo-ping! Well not THAT great, but still very good. Take a look for yourself.

Search: Tifa Cosplay via Google Images

Here are the videos:

Dead Fantasy: Episode 1

Dead Fantasy: Episode 2

Ok team SquarEnix may have a slight unfair advantage with all the crazy Final Fantasy spells they can bust out, but TeamNinja hung in there and fought tough.

Hopefully we see Episode 3 and maybe more in the near future. It is like every Final Fantasy Fanboy’s wetdream come true.

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