Stage 6 – Shutting Down

Stage 6 - IconIt has been officially announced on thier website, that on February 28, Stage6 will be shut down. What was Stage6? Well, they were pretty much another YouTube, but with much higher quality videos. Stage6 was ran by DivX Inc. which would required you to download their video codec in order to view any of the videos on their site.

Stage6 first launched in 2006, and became popular very quickly. With the use of the divx codec rather than flash video, the quality of the videos being stream was alot better than most video streaming sites. This allowed users to upload and view High Definition videos up to 1080p (better than dvd, equal to blueray).

The reason for the shutdown was not due to any copyright issues or anything. It has been said that the reason for shutting down Stage6 was due to financial reasons. The cost and resources needed to maintain the website was just too much for them to handle.

Stage 6 - Shutdown

I am really sad to see this site go down. Stage6 has always been the place I go to when I want to watch really high quality videos for Anime, TV Shows, and even Warcraft bosskiller Videos. The video quality is like ten times better than the ones you are used to on YouTube. The only bad thing I thought was that I would take forever to find any video that you are looking for. It’s a whole lot easier to find what you want on YouTube.

Now I need to find another alternative. Any suggestions?

R.I.P Stage6, you will be missed!

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