Soloing Stratholme on Mage

undead-mount.jpgSo I had a crazy idea to start farming for probably the most sought after mount in World of Warcraft. Well… the most sought after land mount. The Phoenix mount would be the most sought after flying mount.

I am talking about Baron Rivendare’s Deathcharger. The [Deathcharger's Reins] has a drop rate of less than .01% and there has been three total drops on my server so far.

So far I have been only farming Baron for about two weeks, about once or twice a day. My current record is 0 – 15 and the losing record will continue to rise as time goes on. Am I crazy for doing this? Sure I am, but it will all be worth it when I finally get one.

Plus it gives me something to do when there isn’t anything I need to in the game. Instead of just wandering around in Ironforge and jumping or chatting (I know a lot of you do it too), I can try my chance at the mount and still chat with my friends at the same time. And you can make a decent amount of gold off the enchanting dusts and shards you get from the run.

I even got some of my Mage friends trying to farm for this mount too. I tried explaining the path that I take it gets a bit confusing when read explanations without seeing any sort of visual aid. So I made a recording of one of my runs through the instance. The time it took me to complete it was a little over 26 minutes. I would be faster had I not accidentally pull some mobs… twice.

So here is a video of my run: