Felmyst: DDR Fever

w00t! We killed Felmyst Sunday night after about two hours of wiping and re-learning the fight. We brought along a new Shadow Priest, so it took some time for her to learn the fight, but once she got the strategy down, then down went Felmyst.

We now had four total Priests for the Felmyst attempts mainly for the Mass Dispels needed on the raid.

Hopefully we won’t get too dependant on having four Priests all the time, and will be able to get her down with only three in the future. Not that having an extra Shadow Priest in the raid is a bad thing or anything.

Like I said before, Felmyst is like Nightbane on steroids. Not only that, she makes the raid dance around, moving all together like the Heigan fight from Naxxaramas.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with that fight, Heigan does ground eruptions on the floor the raid is standing on, with only one safe spot per eruption, and the raid must move together and “dance” to each safe spot or else you get caught in the eruption and die.

In Phase 1, Felmyst attacks on the ground. 

She has an aura which does raid-wide damage which ticks for 1000 Nature Damage every 3 seconds. This Damage is just healed through by the raid healers. Frost Mages can put up Ice Barrier to help absorb some of the damage. 

Every 20-25 seconds she will cast Gas Nova on the entire raid. This debuff ticks for 3000 Nature Damage every 2 seconds, and drain 1000 Mana every tick. This is where the Priests come in handy. Gas Nova is a 1 second cast, so when the Priests see her casting it, they must immediately cast their Mass Dispels in their designated area to quickly rid of this nasty debuff. One poorly timed Mass Dispel may kill five or more players, which will lead to a wipe.

On a 25-30 second timer, she will randomly cast Encapsulated on a raid member. That person will be trapped in an orb for 6 seconds and take 3500 Arcane Damage every 2 seconds. Not only that, anyone within 20 yards of that person will also take the same damage. Felmyst will not be attacking the Main Tank at this time while she is channeling on the Encapsulated target so all healers can switch to keep this person alive. Mages can Iceblock out of this to avoid taking any damage and not worry about people around you taking damage too. Arcane Protection Potions/Cauldrons will help a lot for this.

At least ONE of us remembered to take a killshot >_<

Phase 1 lasts for sixty seconds, at which she flies into the air and begin Phase 2.

While she is in the air, she will cast Demonic Vapor on a random target. This green puke beam will follow the person she targeted, and chase them around for 10 seconds. That person must kite that beam away from the raid and to a safe area. That beam also leaves a poisonous trail which spawns skeletons as you run away from the beam. Also, if anyone walks through this path, they will take 2.5k Damage a tick for 10 seconds AND spawn an additional skeleton. Mages can Blink away from the beam to get an extra few steps ahead of the beam to safely kite it away from the raid. She does this twice per air phase.

These skeletons have around 33,000 hit points and must be gathered and tanked (most likely by a Paladin Tank), and then AoE’d down. After two Demonic Vapors, she makes the raid “dance” from one area to another. She flies by and releases a cloud of Green Vapor, and if you get caught it in, you will become Mind Controlled and the only way you can get out of it, is if your raid kills you.

DDR Fever. Normally you would have one person watching Felmyst’s movements in the air, and will call out to the raid where to run for the “safe spot“. If he calls to run North, Middle, or South, the entire raid must run to that area, or they will be hit by the Green Vapor. Felmyst will have you dancing back and forth for three breathes, and will then land and begin Phase 1 again. For Mages, after the third Green Vapor, there is a ten second window for you to cast Invisibility to completely drop aggro. This is very helpful since you will be generating a lot of threat while she is in the air, while the tank cannot generate any threat.

Felmyst has a 10 minute enrage timer, which is three Phase 1 and 2 rotations, at which she will most likely one-shot your main tank, and work her way down the aggro list.

This is a pretty fun fight, well for a Mage it is fun at least. We get to DPS, Kite, and AoE. All of which, is our specialties :)

Chyeah Mages Represent! Full Report Here

Our Phat Lootz! Felmyst must have saw how crappy my shoes were right before she bit the dust, so she dropped for us: [Boots of the Forgotten Vanquisher] x 3, and a [Grand Magister's Staff of Torrents]. Yay Mage loots!

I grabbed me the first token and now haz me Tier 6 Boots to replace my Kara Boots.

Next up: Eredar Twins

Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun!

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  • Matticus said:


    I expect to see twins down on Tuesday

  • MiniMagi said:

    grats on kill! i must say, that is one kick@ss staff *drool*

  • Nick S said:

    I’ll second that *drool*.

    Who got the staff? A mage, I hope.

  • Tuna (Author) said:

    All the Mages passed on Staff actually to the Warlocks. All Mages are sporting Archimonde Swords + Offhand and the Warlocks are still using SSC weapons or S3 Weapons.

    The Mages are prolly gonna pick up the Staff later when the Warlocks don’t need it anymore, and get them for cheap too :P

    Gotta pass sometimes to gear up the rest of the raid :)

    When I do get that Staff however, 3 x 6 Spell Dmg / 5 Spell Haste gems would be nice in it, or even 3 x 12 Spell Dmg gems.


    I heard Twins required a lot of work and has a steep learning curve, so hopefully we can get them down within the month :)