Is it Faster to Blink or Mount Between the AH and Bank in Ironforge?

I asked this question last time when I talked about the new changes to Mounts that may happen in Patch 3.2. Well it’s time to test it out.

Currently, most Alliance Mages in Ironforge will simply Blink between the Auction House and the Bank. We won’t bother to mount up like most other classes. But is it faster? Here are the times with the current 3.0 second cast:

  • Blinking to/from AH/Bank: ~13 seconds
  • Mounting to/from AH/Bank: ~12 seconds
  • Blinking then Mounting to/from AH/Bank: ~10.5 seconds

As you can see, it would be fastest if you Blink out of the AH/Bank to where you are able to Mount up- then ride the rest of the way to your destination. What about the Patch 3.2, 1.5 second cast Mounts?

  • Blinking to/from AH/Bank: ~13 seconds
  • Mounting to/from AH/Bank: ~10.5 seconds
  • Blinking then Mounting to/from AH/Bank: ~9.0 seconds

With the new changes to Mounts, we can get to our destination even faster. You know what though? Old habits are hard to break, and even though it will be about 4 seconds longer, I’m still just going to Blink and bunny hop my way to the Auction House without Mounting. Taking that extra step to Mount up is just too much work for my lazy ass.

Special thanks to “Pinkies” the Gnome Mage for helping me out on the PTR. She saw my Blinking back and forth between the AH and Bank for like 2 minutes before she stopped to ask me WTF I was doing. She then help me race between the AH/Bank and help take down times. Hurray for /timer.

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  • Larísa said:

    Thank you for the clarification! Tbh I’m not quick at all about the running between AH and the bank/mailbox. I don’t even bother to blink sometimes, just run… Not in that much of a rush I figure. So I doubt I’ll bother to mount up just because it becomes a quicker cast. And if you do that you’ll miss the opportunity to check out the crazy people that normally occupy /trade as well as the bridge, sometimes dressed up in their best costumes… What’s the hurry about?

  • Gnomeaggedon said:

    Ahhh Matticus told me a while back it was quicker to mount than blink, which it is, unless you combine the two.

    Recently I have just gotten into the habit of mounting at every doorway anyway… well all but one… the IF AH!

    Thanks for the vital research!

  • HP said:

    Hahaha, my bankalt actually has bunny ears. If yours did as well, that would’ve been the cutest experiment ever! Bunny hopping.. Excuse me, that just amused me for some reason =P

  • Nikki said:

    Haha that’s cool that you included me into your post! It was kinda fun racing back and forth to the ah. There wasn’t much going on on the PTR at 4am. Great site btw. Im in the middle of going through all your old posts. Thanks for giving me something to do during “work” hours. Not sure how your site made it through the filters, but it works for me!

  • Lin said:

    -giggles- Thanks! Maybe I’ll start using the IF Auction House more.

    However, being a human, it just seems a bit wrong going to the dwarf Auction House when we now have a perfectly good one of our own…

  • Christopher said:

    Actually, the fastest would be for mages like me who also happen to be engineers. Nitro Boosts as we are leaving the AH, then blink once the Nitro Boosts run out (5 sec). They are slightly faster than a 100% mount with no cast time.


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