Mage Traveling Tips

utada-portal.jpgOne of the best thing about playing a Mage is convenience. Being able to conjure our own Food and Water gives us little to no down time while leveling or farming, and saves us from using precious bandages.

Another huge convenience for us is the ability teleport to any major city, making us able to travel pretty much anywhere in Azeroth or Outlands fairly quickly. All while not having to rely on the cooldown of your Hearthstone.

I met a few level 70 Mages who have their home point set at Shattrath City. Why?! You are a Mage, you can just teleport there! Don’t be cheap, you can make better use of your Hearthstone. Also note that some of these tips can be applied to other classes if you have a Mage buddy handy.

Tip # 1: Set your Home Point Where you are Questing

At level 20, we learn the ability to teleport to three of our faction’s major cities. For Alliance, you can teleport to Stormwind, Ironforge, and Exodar. For Horde, you can teleport to Undercity, Ogrimmar, and Silvermoon. At level 30, Darnasus or Thunder Bluff is available. At 35, Theramore and Stonard is available. At 60, you can learn to Shattrath.

That means you can set your home point to whatever area you are questing and leveling up at. Questing in Stranglethorn Vale? Set your Hearthstone there, and quest away. Did you level up or run out of inventory space or need to log off? Teleport to your city of choice, visit the mage trainer, bank, or log off. You can just use your Hearthstone to go back and resume what you were doing without having to take any flight or boats.

Tip #2: Set your Home Point to Where you are Farming

Okay, now that you are 70, you won’t be questing much anymore. But there will be times where you will be farming mats. It might be for mats you need to get crafted or for enchanting mats. Or it could be for farming for a specific drop or for rep.

Need 10 x [Primal Mana] to make your [Runic Spellthread]? Set your home point at Area 52, you will be going there a lot. Farming for Baron’s Mount? Set your home point to Light Hope’s Chapel and good luck to you. Repping up with the Wintersaber Trainers? Set your home point to Winterspring. You get the idea.

Tip #3: Set your Home Point to Where your Guild Progression is

This will make getting to the instance a lot quicker, and summonings at the Summoning Stone will start earlier. This will save you time, and save the Guild time of getting to the instance.

Is your Guild working on bosses in Tempest Keep: The Eye? Area 52 is your new home. Working on Black Temple? Set your home to the Aldor or Scryer base depending on which side you picked. Working on Mount Hyjal and you’re not Revered yet? Gadgetzan it is.

Tip #4: Set your Home Point to a Hard to Reach Area

If you don’t need your Hearthstone for farming or questing, then place it in an area where it will take the longest to get to.

For Azeroth, you have major cities spread throughout where it gets pretty easy to head to any zone in a fairly quick manner. There are still zones which are still far because they need the use of boats to reach. For Alliance, you can set your home point to Winterspring, and for Horde, you can set your home point to Stranglethorn Vale. With those points set, you can pretty much get to any zone in Azeroth with ease.

For Outland, with Shattrath as the center of the continent, you can just teleport to Shattrath and fly to any zone. Again, there are zones that are still pretty far. Netherstorm is the furthest, with Shadowmoon Valley as a close second. Set your home point to one of those zone depending on which zone you visit more often.

Tip #5: Other Means of Transportation

There are other items or ways that will help you travel around in the World of Warcraft. It could be from a profession, from rep, or even from accomplish objectives.

If you are an Engineer, you can transport yourself to any of the Goblin or Gnomish establishments throughout the World of Warcraft (depending on which side you pick). Use this with conjunction with your teleports and Hearthstone to your advantage.

Are you Revered with Keepers of Time? Then you can talk to Zephyr, an NPC located in the World’s End Tavern in Shattrath, and she can port you to the entrance of the Caverns of Time. Perfect for doing any CoT instances. (fixed – thanks Blithlyle!)

Your Guild manage to kill Illidan Stormrage? Then you should have your [Blessed Medallion of Karabor]. It teleports you to the doorsteps of Black Temple. Great for whenever you need to do anything in Shadowmoon Valley.

Still have your [Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian]? Make good use of the shortcut to Karazhan.

Tip #6: Know your Shortcuts

Just knowing the quickest routes to take to get to a zone is good. Know which city to leave from, and which Flight Path to take. Just ask if you are not sure. Many people take different ways to get from one area to the next.

Did you know that there is a Flight Path from Skettis to and from Ogri’la? Makes doing dailies a bit faster knowing that doesn’t it?

If you are Alliance, what is the fastest way to get to Zul’Aman? If you answered taking the Flight Path directly from Ironforge, then you are wrong! The correct answer is take the Isle of Quel’Danas portal from Shattrath, and then take the Flight Path from the Isle to Zul’Aman.


Hope this helps you get around the World of Warcraft easier. I am sure there are more tips and shortcuts out there that I can’t think of at the moment. If you have one, feel free to let me know and I’ll add it to the list.

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  • Blithlyle said:

    I don’t know about the being revered with Scales of the Sands but being revered with the Keepers of Time gets you ported to the CoT instances.

  • Tuna (Author) said:

    Whoops yea you are correct, I listed the wrong rep faction. Thanks :)

  • gnomeaggedon said:

    If I remember right, you can’t get summoned into Area 52, so it is worthwhile having your heartstone set there. You can move about everywhere else freely using teleports.

    Good for getting to the instances there, and good if you are making spellcloth.

  • Nick S said:

    i set my hearth to area 52 just because it’s far away from stuff.

    everything else is easy to get to. SSC is a 30-second flight from Shat, there’s a portal to everything else… with Teleport:Stonard, no 70 instance is particularly far away.

  • Larísa said:

    I’ve kept mine in Stormspire for a long time now. I had the idea it’s a little bit closer to TK than Area52. But maybe I’m wrong?

    Even if you’re not running TK much it’s pretty nice for quickening up the dailies, especially when it’s picking mana berries. Pick your berries in the dome, quick move to pick up the plans, then over to BE for the batteries or whatever they’re called… and so on. Really nice to be able to teleport to Netherstorm, even if it’s just for dailes.

    Whenever I play my alt rogue I feel sort of naked, missing my teleport spells so much. Sigh. And I really don’t feel like bothering mage collegues to have them make portals for me. They’ve got other things to do in the game but acting taxi drivers!

  • River said:

    Ahh my teleports, I can’t live without now. I’m so lazy. One of the biggest laugh back in the day. As a mage in BWL after we finished. The mages opened portals all to Darnassus. Everyone hopped in. And you should of heard the cuzzing in vent, and guild chat.

    Fricking mages. From that day on no one seems to trust my portals.

  • Tuna (Author) said:

    @ Larisa

    Stormspire would be a bit closer to TK, but I like Area 52 because it was also close to Gruul’s Lair and where I would go to farm Motes of Fire. Stormspire would work though.

    @ River

    Portal roulette is always fun! Yea I’ve been spoiled with having teleports whenever I need. Maybe that is why I don’t have any high level alts…

  • gnomeaggedon said:

    Slightly off-topic, but I go crazy without blink.. my bank alt in IF is a Pally… and as I run from mailbox to AH I try to blink… I must bind a buff, so at least I get some sort of effect….

  • Tuna (Author) said:

    Oh I love Blink. It is one of my favorite spells. I wouldn’t know what to do without Blink either. It definitely makes going from the IF Bank -> Auction House so much quicker.