Dwarf Mage!?

EngineersSometimes I see all the cool things Engineers can do and it makes me want to drop one of my professions. They have so many cool toys and I wants them.

One of them: the [Dimensional Ripper - Area 52]. Not because of the ability to teleport to Area 52 with ease, but for the debuff you sometimes get with things go wrong when it is used. You get the Transporter Malfuncion debuff, which basically changes you into a random race, that lasts an hour.

The cool thing about this debuff is that everytime you zone in/out of an instance, you change to another race. If you are a Rogue, you can change everytime you stealth. For Warriors, everytime you change stances, you change race.

AC’s main tank is usually seen with this debuff when we’re doing Tempest Keep, tanking as a female Orc, because Doom finds them sexy.

I did Mount Hyjal last night on Utada, and this is the reason I brought up this topic. One of our Mages happened to have this debuff when we started raiding. He was in Dwarf form, and he looked pretty cool wearing his Mage outfit. So I took a screenshot of us Mages in Hyjal. We have another Mage in the raid, but he was too cool to come hang out with us.

Dwarf Mage

Mount Hyjal is located at the Caverns of Time, near Gadgetzan. So I’m guessing there is a Gadgetzan version of that trinket that he used.

Also we cleared Mount Hyjal in record setting time for us that night, and let us end early. Full clear in 1hr 23mins. /yay

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  • Xian said:

    Engineers need to choose to specialize. If you take one path you get to port to Gadget and Tolshoy’s Station. iF you take th e other path you get to port to Winterspring and Area 52.

    There is a similar portal in Booty bay but never heard of anyone being able to get there.

  • Xian said:

    oops . i forgot… the effects are quite different. The gadget one has a tendency to port you in 1000 feet in the air and you fall to your death. The outland ones also have a fun one that turns you into a chicken.

  • Zahrah said:

    Yeah engineers do have some cool things.. I Originally picked it up because as a Shadow priest I have no Aoe at all.. its it was rather frustrating when killing a Mob spawned mini Mobs and I had to target individually each one to down. So I got it for da bombs.. the exploding sheep is funny.. I dropped it though because it wasn’t the most useful of professions…
    Changing form/foods/trinks/buffs are all mad.. The orb of deception sells for a stupid amount of Gold – and even Deviant fish sell for Gold each.. all because of the form changes.