Spicytuna in PTR: Day 1

So I finally was able to copy my character over to PTR (they were down for awhile) and got a chance to get a look at the new area for myself. I copied my mage over to the PvE realm on the test server, then made a couple of new characters to save “Spicytuna“ from being taken (while waiting for my character to copy over). I think it was like a one hour wait til she showed up on the character list.

I had only one word to describe this place. LAG! It was to be expected though. With so many people from so many servers all crammed into two servers on the test realm, it was chaos. People who were flagged for PvP were fighting everywhere with guards chasing them around. There were about thirty people all standing around npcs who had all the new token gears, and was almost impossible to click on the npc (shift+v is your friend).

I ran around for awhile, picking up any quests I saw on my map. Didn’t actually read any of them, but there was a chain quest I got that is needed in order to unlock “Heroic Mode” for Magister’s Terrace (MT).

I also found the npc that you trade in a Token and [Sunmote] to, to recieve what I guess will be Tier 6 equivalent or Tier 6.5 (/shrug).  The tokens you need for them drop off the bosses from the 25-man instance at the Sunwell. Heres a screenie of the NPCs where this gear is offered, and a screenie of what it would look like if I was to wear the gear. Looks pretty spiffy imo :) Also pictured was my Main Tank for the day when we tried out normal MT.

Sunwell - SeperSunwell - NpcSunwell - Tier 6.5

Here is the list of the gear that were for DPS Casters in that screenshot:

Oh yea! New PvE Title, Hand of A’dal, for those who completed the Vials of Eternity quest, which was the Mt. Hyjal Attunement quest that required you to kill Kael’thas and Lady Vashj.

Spicytuna - Title

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  • Seper said:

    Woot!! i’m a celebrity!! :p

    I had a TON of fun.

    Too bad you had no mic :/

    Next time though!! keep in touch!!

    Sephran The Venture Co.


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