2.4 Tier 6 Changes

Looks like they have gone and made some changes to the Mage 2.4 Tier 6 set. WorldofRaids.com has a list of all the changes to the other class set pieces as well.

They completely took off all the Stamina from the set pieces to give us more Spell Hit Rating and Spell Critical Rating. Although the stam that was on it was nice, this change is even better for PvE.

Old version is on the left, newer version on the right.
2.4 - Tier 62.4 Tier 6 - Version 2

Overall Change
-30 Stam
+20 Spell Hit

-30 Stam
+3 Spirit
+17 Spell Hit

-21 Stam
+3 Spirit
+17 Spell Crit

I like that Blizz is trying to Itemize our gear better but why do they keep giving us more Spirit? I know the new changes to our mana regen will make Intellect affect our mana regen a bit, so why not give us more Intellect instead?

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