2.4 Tier 6 Gear

Boots with the FurFinally! We get matching boots to go along with our Apple Bottom Jeans. Some of the Sunwell Plateau bosses will drop tokens for your T6 boots, belt and bracer. This will bring the T6 Set to 8 Pieces total. Now my Mage won’t get made fun of for not having a matching belt or boots to match her outfit. Hopefully Bliz will add an 8/8 set bonus to the T6 set. Man if they bring back the 8/8 Netherwind proc that would be soo nice. Here is a look at the T6 set pieces coming out for Patch 2.4!

Mage Tier 6 – Boots, Bracer, Belt

2.4 - Tier 6

Picture taken from WorldofRaids.com

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