Spicytuna in PTR: Day 2

This was the day I logged on and noticed the new Improved Blink and Icy Veins. I set my new “Home Point” at the inn keeper at the Sunwell since there won’t be a need anymore to Hearth to Gadgetzan for Mt. Hyjal (person in Shattrath can now teleport you to Caverns of Time if you are in good standing with Keepers of Time). Then I teleported myself to Ironforge (mages ftw!) to respec and test out the new Improved Blink.

This is also when I noticed there was a bug with your non-combatant pets and went straight to the bank to test out all my pets. Here are some interesting results:

PTR - Pet Bug 1PTR - Pet Bug 2PTR - Pet Bug 3

I kept getting disconnected many times, then the server shutdown notice came up, so I called it a day. Productive day indeed!

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