Spicytuna in PTR: Day 3

I ventured onto the PTR again to see if anything new came up. I rode around for awhile then decided to try out Magisters’ Terrace again so I could kill Kael’thas. Just my luck! I quickly found a group who needed dps and was on the last boss. Score!

I zone and and head straight to where everyone is at. It was actually the boss before, but no worries. It was Priestess Delrissa, and that boss encounter is kinda like Moroes fight in Kara. She has four adds with her in which you CC two to three of them and dps the rest. I don’t remember what order we killed them, but she went down pretty fast and we head towards Kael’thas.

He’s in a room by himself and man does he look ugly. Looks like he has been through months of guilds beating the crap out of him every week in Tempest Keep: The Eye. Well, guess it’s time to put him down for good.

The fight is fairly simple. It is tank and spank and he occasionally summons a phoenix. The main tank has to either pick up the phoenix and take the aoe fire damage AND Kael’thas’s fireballs, or you can have an off-tank pick up the phoenix and tank it OR kite it to avoid taking the aoe fire damage. We had a hunter to kite it so all was good. We stopped dps on Kael’thas when phoenix is up, kill the birdy, then kill the egg before it respawns again. Simple. You repeat this process til Kael’thas hits I think 50%, at which he does Gravity Lapse.

At this phase, everyone is sent flying into the air, and everyone has to swim around in the air in order to move around. At the same time, he summons these arcane orbs, that slowly follow people around, and does alot of damage if they actually hit you. Pretty easy to avoid. If you try to land on the ground, he will punt you back into the air and stun you for a bit. After like 15-20 secs, he ends his Gravity Lapse, and needs to be tanked again. He will cast Gravity Lapse again in about 15 secs. This process repeats until he is dead.

We wipe the first time, but get him down the second try. “Job’s Done” I just completed my quest: Hard to Kill. Got some nice rep out of it, and a nice Epic Gem! Also the quest unlocks Heroic Mode for Magisters’ Terrace.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned next time for some more PTR goodies!

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