Spicytuna in PTR: Day 4

After hearing the news about new Alchemy trinkets, I logged on to find out where I can learn to make it. I asked around for a few, then someone pointed me into the right direction. The Shattered Sun Quartermaster had been updated and the four new trinket recipes has been added to the Exaulted list.

Alchemist Stone

You can take a look at the other trinkets on my Patch 2.4 – Overview.

Also, I noticed a small gathering around the Jewelcrafter NPC inside the Sunwell Inn and took a look. The Mt. Hyjal and BT raw gem and gem recipes are now available for purchase! Raw gems are 15 Badge of Justice each, and the recipes are available for purchase depending on your rep with the Shattered Sun. Great news for non-BT or Hyjal raiders!

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  • Cheetara said:

    OMG swoon at the JC recipes!


  • Todd said:

    To be honest, I liked the old version of the spellcaster trinket better with the spell hit% on it. I usually find myself having trouble mixing and matching gear so I could hit the magical 164 spell hit number without having to carry extra hit gear around. The higher spell dmg is nice, but I’d rather it still had the spell hit on it.


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