Giant Wolf Mage!?

The new patch came with a new transformation! You can now turn into a giant wolf, anywhere! Time for me to finally turn in my quest in Howling Fjord and get rid of my [Worg Disguise].


For this you will need the help of an Inscriptionist. The recipe they need is the [Technique: Rituals of the New Moon], which is Bind on Pickup. This recipe drops off the inhabitants of Silverbrook in Grizzly Hills. It took me about 15 minutes for it to drop for me. I know someone who have been farming there for over 2 hours, and it hasn’t dropped yet (haha!).

When you create the [Rituals of the New Moon] off-hand, it randomly makes one which will turn you into 1 of 4 different color wolf: Grey, Red, White, or Black. The transformation lasts for 2 minutes, and has a 10 minute cooldown. You need to keep the off-hand equipped or else you’ll lose the buff. It is a decent off-hand, but there are many that are better, and I only use it for the transformation.

The wolf form is exactly like the Shaman’s ghost wolf form, and have the dance emote. You can’t cast any Spells while in this form except Ice Block.

If you are an Inscriptionist, it can also yield you some good cash too. The off-hand is Bind on Equip, so many players will be looking to get it just for the transformation. I threw up two of them on the Auction House for 250g each to see if they would sell, and they both sold by the end of the day. It cost about 75g worth of mats to make. If this keeps up, I can pay back the gold I borrowed to learn Dual Spec soon!

A new transformation to add to the List of Mage Transformations.

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  • KiwiRed said:

    Nice tip; just finished farming for this on my inscriptionist, and will have to see what interest there is in the item.

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