PTR Patch 3.1.0 – Random Screenshots

Here are a few screenshots taken from the Public Test Realm for the upcoming Patch 3.1.0. Some of them are just to show some of the new stuff coming out, and some are of how nice the inside of the new raid instance, Ulduar, looks.

New Look for Tier 7.5 Shoulders


There is a new metallic look to the Mage Tier 7.5 Shoulders. I can’t say I like the new look. The old one had a snowy, icy look to it. This new one looks like a turtle shell you would throw in Mario Kart.



See what that Kirin Tor Battle-Mage has on her back? It is a Sword AND a Staff!


AND she can Dual-Wield them! She is one of many Battle-Mages found at the expedition camp in Ulduar.

Polymorph: Bear Cub

The new Polymorph Glyph to make Mages more “unique”, that 90% of the Mages on the server will have! The most “unique” Mage is actually that one or two Mages still using Polymorph: Sheep.

Aww but how can you find it in you to kill such a target now?

Other Screenshots

The rest of the screenshots I threw into the image gallery. Actually this post was to test out this image gallery thingy. Included is a Ulduar loading screen, and various shots taken within Ulduar. Enjoy!

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