PTR Patch 3.1.0 – New Non-Combat Pet Icons

For those of you who care, new pet icons! These are the only ones I have noticed so far on the PTR, but the new changes makes it easier to find these pets in your pet tab. No more mistakenly summoning Eggbert when you wanted to summon Pengu. No more summoning the Netherwhelp when you really wanted Frosty!

Okay I was just looking for a reason to try out the gallery thingy again. I hopped onto the PTR and found a wierd looking icon on one of my keybindings. Frosty’s icon is different! Yea I don’t know why I notice some of the littlest things sometimes, then miss some of the biggest things the other times. /shrug Oh wells, new gallery!

Hmm… for some reason I can’t center the gallery thingy, and everything I post after the gallery thingy, treats it as an Image set to “Float: Left”. I need to find a way to fix this…



blah i quit!

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