PTR Patch 3.1.0 – Equipment Manager

Another new feature to be released with Patch 3.1.0 is the ability to store equipment sets for your character. Pretty much Blizzard’s version of the popular mod, ItemRack, which I currently use today. The new feature is the Equipment Manager.


To enable this feature, you need to go into your Interface option menu. Select “Control”, and check the box for “Use Equipment Manager”. That is pretty much it. Now you can start saving your item sets.


First go into your character screen after you enable the option. On the top right corner of that screen will be some sort of equipment icon above your Gloves. Click on that icon and a small window will pop up giving you the option to select a gear set or create a new one.

Put on the gear you want to save to a gear set, then select “Save”. You will be given the option to name your set and give it an icon. Select “Okay” when you are done. Easy right?


Now when you go to your Equipment Manager window, you can select any gear set you have saved. You can have a total of 10 gear sets saved per character. No more scanning through your bags searching for your PvP gear to equip. You can now do all that in a press of a button. This feature will work well with the new Dual Spec feature.


Thanks to Lin for bringing this up. You can drag each gear set you have saved down to your action bars and bind them to any key you want. So you don’t have to open up your character sheet every time you need to swap gear.

This is what it looks like for me when I use ItemRack. After I save my gear sets, I can swap them from the MiniMap, so it saves me some keybindings.

Some players rather not mess with mods and/or have extra spare keybindings to work with, for those players, Equipment Manager would be perfect.

As for me, I’m not sure if I would be using the new Equipment Manager, or keep using ItemRack.

I like to try to keep my addon memory size low, so I might make the switch. Then again, I like being able to swap gear from my MiniMap without taking up my action bars (which I’m running out of) so we’ll see what happens.

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  • gnomeaggedon said:

    Thanks for that nice clear cut explanation.

    Looks pretty simple (standard Blizzard simple UI), but on the positive side, it looks pretty simple.

    gnomeaggedons last blog post..Missed by that much…

  • Lin said:

    What do you think of it? Fairly easy to use?

    How would you compare it to ItemRack? Would you use Blizzard’s over ItemRack, or would you keep the equipment manager disabled?

    I know ItemRack just attaches a button to the minimap; the equipment manager, from your screen shots, look like they’re attached to the character sheet — can you reference it/swap gear without having to open up the doll interface?

  • Hulan said:

    Lin beat me to it, i was going to ask the same sort of questions :)

  • Tuna (Author) said:

    @ Lin

    Yea it is fairly easy to use. Exactly like ItemRack pretty much, except you do have to go to the Character Sheet to swap gear when you want. With ItemRack, I swap my gear from my minimap icon.

    I’ll go back on PTR today and check to see if I can pull out an Item Set and set them as a keybinding.

  • Tuna (Author) said:

    Just went back onto PTR to do a few more messing around with Equipment Manager and found that you can bring your item sets down to your action bars so you can swap gear without having to go into your character sheet.

    *added more screenies!*

  • JustMMO said:

    really helpful post, hope you keep posting more articles like this.thank you very much for the post


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