PTR Patch 3.1.0 - New Features

You’re probably tired of reading about Patch 3.1.0 already, so this is for those of you who have no luck with PTR and want to see some of the new features.

Dual Spec


This new feature will allow players to pay a one-time fee (currently 1000g), to be able to have two different specs which they could switch back and forth from, without having to pay the re-spec fee again. To purchase the Dual Spec, talk to your class trainer, and the option to purchase it will be available. Currently you have to be level 80 to purchase it.

Your talent menu will have the normal three tabs (one for each talent tree), and an additional one for Glyphs. When you purchase the Duel Spec, you will get an additional two tabs to the right side of the talent interface, one for each spec.

At first, the second tab will be empty. To make changes to that spec, you need to first switch over to that spec. To do that, click on the tab you want to switch to, and the option to switch the spec will be available. After you switch over, you can pick your talent points. Choose carefully though, after you pick your talents, to change them again you still need to re-spec them like normal.

When you swap specs, you will re-learn spells like you normally do when you re-spec. Also when you swap specs, your key bindings will also swap. No more redoing your key bindings every time you re-spec.

Colorblind Mode

Another new feature is Colorblind Mode to help players who have trouble in-game with colors. If you had trouble before making out if an item is rare (blue) or epic (purple), by enabling the feature, it will now display the quality of the item in the tooltip. If you had trouble making out what color the gem socket is for a piece of gear, by enabling the feature, it will now say what color the gem socket is in the socket.

Not only that, for players leveling up Professions, sometimes will have a hard time telling if what they’re crafting, or if their enchant was going to skill them up. You couldn’t tell if it was Green, Yellow, or Red. With the mode enabled, there will be pluses next to each item which can skill you up. Green will have [+], Yellow will have [++], and Red will have [+++].

To enable the Colorblind Mode, go to your Interface menu, and select the “Display” tab. There will be a check box for Colorblind Mode for you to enable or disable.

Both of these features I’m looking forward to, and will be extremely helpful to me.

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  • WAJ said:

    I am colourblind and these changes will surely help me! Thanks for sharing!

  • nice said:

    Yeah the colorblind mode is a really nice feature I have a hard time telling apart blues from epics. But also when leveling a profession i can’t tell the difference in the red and orange. Does the feture have that to? Like does it fix that?

  • Tuna (Author) said:

    There actually is a difference for leveling professions. If it is Green for you, it will have a [+] symbol next to the item you can craft or next to the enchant. Yellow is [++] and Red is [+++]. I’ll post a screen shot in a few minutes.


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