Good Weekend for Philly so far…

After the tough lost on Thursday for the Flyers in Overtime against the Montreal Canadiens, we needed something to jumpstart the sour mood in the City of Brotherly Love. That jumpstart began on Friday night.

I scored some tickets to the Sixers Playoff game against the Detroit Pistons and was pretty excited. The Series is tied 1-1 with game 3 and 4 at home in Philadelphia. Let’s go Sixers!

Friday: Sixers and Phillies

Everyone thought that the Sixers win in Game 1 of the series was a fluke when they beat Detroit on the road by 4, and in Game 2 it may have been proven so when Detroit won by 17. Game 3 was in Philly, and everyone is predicting a repeat of Game 2. Everyone who I told that I was attending the game gave a similar response, “Have fun watching the Sixers get stomped”. Well they were wrong…

We arrived at the Wachovia Center with little to no problems with any traffic or finding parking. We get to our seats, 3 rows from the court. Awesome seats! We were directly to the side of the basket, and within a foul shot distance from the Sixers bench.

See the dude with the white cap on backwards in the bottom left corner?
Our seats were directly behind him.

The Sixers started off strong with a 6-0 run. Detroit keeps the game close, and by the end of the first half, Sixers were up by 4. Not many were expecting the game to be this close, let alone the Sixers to be leading by the half. We head towards the bar during the half-time intermission to check up on the Phillies game. Phillies up 6-0 at the top of the 6th Inning. Niiiiice…

2nd Half began, and the Sixers kept at it and extended their lead, and never looked back. They won by 20 points. Everyone expected the scores to be the other way around, but Sixers pulled it off for the win. Out of all the Sixers games I’ve been to, I have never seen the crowd so excited. This was by far the best Sixers game I’ve been to.

After we left the stadium, we headed towards the one place every Philadelphia fan goes to after every game: Pat’s King of Steaks. I got my order of “whiz wit’ (cheese whiz cheesesteak with onions)” and an order of cheese fries and a Pepsi. Delicious! Checked up on the score of the Phillies game, they win 6-5. w00t!

Whiz wit’, Cheesefries and a Pepsi – Yummy!

Saturday: Flyers, Phillies, and Eagles

It was a long and unproductive day in front of the television today. We had the Flyer vs Canadiens in Montreal, Phillies vs Pirates in Pittsburgh, and the NFL Draft in New York, all to watch, all at the same time.

The NFL draft started at 3pm, the Flyers and Phillies game started at 7pm. Eagles had the 19th overall pick in the 1st Round, but they traded their pick away. They’re next pick is now in the 2nd Round 43rd overall.

Fast forward to 7pm, Flyers and Phillies game started, and we are frantically switching between channels try to keep up to date on who hasn’t been taken yet in the NFL Draft, who’s batting next, and watching the Flyers game.

Here is a quick scoring summary of today’s events:

Chase Utley hits a single into right field with 2 outs in the inning. /click

Eagles are up but they trade away their pick again. Their next two picks are now 47th and 49th overall in the 2nd Round. /click

Ryan Howard hits a 2 run HR, with Utley on 1st. 2-0 Phillies. /click

Flyers Goal by Umberger! Flyers up 1-0 in the 1st Period. /click

Phillies up 5-0 still in the 1st Inning! How the heck did that happen? Who cares! /click

Eagles draft Trevor Laws from Notre Dame in the 2nd Round, 47th overall. My roommate is also a huge ND fan, he is very happy. /click

Goal by Carter! Flyers now up 2-0 in the 1st Period. /click

Utley scores on a single by Geoff Jenkins. Phillies up 6-0 in the 2nd Inning. /click

Eagles Draft DeSean Jackson from Cal, 49th overall in the 2nd Round. Eagles are done for the day for the NFL Draft. Good job birds! /click

Montreal scores a Power Play goal before the end of the 1st Period. Flyers still up 2-1.

Game goes into intermission. Good time for a food break!

We came back about 30 mins later. Flyers still up 2-0, and Phillies are up 8-2. We leave the it on the Flyers game for the rest of the night. Flyers win 4-2 and the Phillies win 8-4. Another awesome night for Philadlephia.

Philadelphia Skyline shot by B. Krist

Sunday: Eagles, Phillies, and Sixers

The NFL draft continutes with the 3rd Round, Phillies play the Pirates again, and the Sixers play Game 4 of the series against the Pistons. Might be able to get tickets again to the Sixers playoff game, but won’t find out until tomorrow. Hopefully tomorrow will continue to be another good day for Philadlephia.

Sixers: Everyone counted them out before the series began against the Pistons. They shocked everyone in the first game, and showed everyone in the third game that it wasn’t a fluke. The Sixers are playing like a strong playoff team, and not like a team that is happy just to make the playoffs.

Phillies: Off to a good start this season. They are 14-11, and looking strong. Utley continues to have a great season (MPV anyone?),Howard gets out of his hitting slump with a 2 run HR and Pat Burrell, well he is playing like someone who is in their contract season looking to get re-signed. I got tickets to go to one of the games next Wednesday. It is always fun to relax and enjoy a game at the ballpark.

Flyers: Even though they won, they looked a lot better in the first game than today. Montreal is playing very well and the Flyers need to pick it up if they want to win this series. Sucks that their games are usually during raid time and tend to take up most of my attention.

Eagles: Please don’t disappoint me again this season. We picked up two very good players in the NFL Draft. I still would like to have them pick up a star Wide Reciever. How about Chad Johnson or Roy Williams? Make it happen Andy Reid. Time to hit up their training camp again this year!

Home of the Flyers and Sixers

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