I See Mages Everywhere

Last time I wrote about how the [Underbelly Elixir] had the power to turn you into a Tuskarr Mage. This time I’ll talk about one of the other effects you can get. It has the ability to turn everyone you see into a Mage! Now you see why they call Dalaran, “The City of Mages”.


By taking a sip of the Underbelly Elixir you can get a buff which makes every Humanoid as wearing the Mage Tier 2 Set, the Netherwind Regalia. Even the opposing faction and NPCs are affected.

There is also a small bug that if you take a Battleground or Arena queue while having this buff, the effect carries into the game, and stays on you until you log out. This sounds fun at first, but can get a bit confusing. One second you are waiting for that Mage to cast something so you can Counterspell him, next thing you know he Charges at you and smacks on you with a large 2 Handed Weapon.


It looks like Rhonin also turned in this Tier 8 Set for a set of Tier 2s. Vereesa Windrunner also realizes that Mages are soo much cooler than being a Hunter and rerolls.

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