WotLK Beta Testing: Focus Magic

Next up is the 11 Point Arcane Talent: Focus Magic. This talent gives the Mage another raid utility, and gives the raid another reason to bring a Mage. I also updated my posts on Mirror Image, Fingers of Frost, and Blizzard.


When cast, the Focus Magic buff is applied to EVERY raid member, pet, and minions. For Mages, that will also include Water Elementals, and Mirror Images. Rank 1 gives 50 Spell Power, Rank 2 gives 100 Spell Power, and Rank 3 gives 150 Spell Power.

This makes it extremely useful since Spell Power ALSO affects Healers as well as other DPS Casters. The buff lasts for 1 minute or 50 charges. Is it 50 charges per person or 50 total? I was unable to test that since none of the charges were being used up on Beta, but I still got the Spell Power bonus.

There is no cooldown on the spell, and can be re-applied whenever it wears off. The cost of applying the buff however is pretty high (close to 1k mana), so I see this being used during raids whenever they “need” extra dps (enrage timers, < 20%, etc…).


Focus Magic has been totally redone, and is no longer a party/raid buff. The description of the spell is a little confusing, and doesn’t state any limitations on the spell. It is now a 30 minute buff.

You CAN’T cast this on yourself. You can only cast this on another player. The player you cast it on will get a +3% Spell Critical Strike chance. Whenever THAT player gets a critical strike, YOU get a 10 second buff which grants YOU +3% Spell Critical Strike chance.

You CANNOT cast it on more than one person. The buff will be removed on any previous player when you cast it on a new player.

First player I tested this on was a Death Knight. The party consisted of three Paladins, a Death Knight, and me, so I didn’t have much of a choice. Sure enough, every time he crit with a spell, I got the buff. I then tested it on the healing Paladin, and every crit heal he got, I too got the buff.

What I haven’t tested yet was casting it on another Mage who also has Focus Magic to cast on me. I would assume that it would work, and each Mage would have a +6% Spell Crit chance whenever the other Mage would crit.


Does NOT work on Crit Heals if casted on a healer. Thanks to Euripedes for pointing this out.

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  • Mae said:

    Great info!! I have to admit, I’m a little disappointed with Focus Magic. I was conflicted with it when it was +spellpower to everyone, now I downright hate it. I don’t like that it’s duration is so short or that it can’t be cast on the caster. I was really hopeful for arcane int he expac and it’s not looking like they’re living up to those expectations. I mean, look what they did to Arcane Blast spamming!! Grr!! It’s going to be frost or fire for me, or perhaps frost with a little arcane, I’m not entirely sure yet.

    Thanks for all the great info, keep it coming!!

  • Euripedes said:

    Just tested it, it did not proc off of critical heals, only damaging spell criticals.

    So either I’m bugged, you were bugged, or it’s been nerfed.

    Euripedess last blog post..M&M: Us Versus Us?

  • Tuna (Author) said:


    Hmm… you know what? Since I was in a group of 3 Paladins, I may have put the buff on the Ret Pally, and he was probably critting with his Seals/Procs. Wished I paid more attention. I pretty much just threw the buff on the Pally and only paid attention to see if I was getting the buff or not, instead of seeing what he was doing.