WotLK: Build 8905 – Mirror Image

The new WotLK Beta test build is out, Build 8905, along with some interesting new Mage changes. Once again, MMO-Champion.com was quick to lets the world know of the news, and has updated the talent trees to reflect the changes.

Some of the new changes are just rewording of the text of the talents for Improved Water Elemental and Winter’s Chill. Then there are talents which its mechanics have been changed. They are Focus Magic, Molten Fury, and Hot Streak. And of course, the addition of the new level 80 Mage Spell, Mirror Image. I’m sure there are other changes that I have missed, these are just the ones which caught my eye at first glance.

The Focus Magic has been changed to increase the Spell Power of the entire party or raid by 150, and lasts for 1 min or 50 charges. Not only will other spell casters which will want you to have this talent, but other healers as well.

The new Molten Fury has reduced the damage bonus, but increased the duration by changing it so that it is active when the target is at 35% Health, instead of 20% Health. Overall, you should be seeing a damage increase.

The new Hot Streak has been changed to give you an instant cast Pyroblast whenever you get two crits in a row with Fireball, Scorch, or Frostfire Bolt. Increase in DPS for PvE, and gives Fire Mages more potential to melt some faces in PvP.

The new text for Winter’s Chill now states that it increase the critical strike chance for ALL Spells. This is also true for Improved Scorch, and now that talent does the same thing as Winter’s Chill (Boo! I liked the old imp scorch better!). Yes Shadow Priest and Elemental Shamans, you may now join the cool kids club.

A range requirement as been added in order for the party or raid members to receive the Water Elemental’s aura. The range is 100 yards.

And last but not least, Mirror Image has been confirmed to be the new level 80 Mage Spell. For the cost of 10% of your base mana, you can now create 3 clones of yourself. Now here is a look at the spell in action!

Also note, the mage in the video is Fire Spec (you can see hot streak in action too) and the images are pretty much just casting Frostbolts instead of what the Mage is casting. From what I see in the video, the Mirror Images are like the Boomkin’s Treants and just attack your target randomly. I would liked it if they moved around a bit more, or if each image could cast a different spell each or something. It’s still in beta phase, so maybe we’ll see some changes.

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