2 Piece Valorous Frostfire

The Heroes’ Frostfire Garb is the Tier 7 Mage set gear, which can be obtained by Lost Vanquisher Tokens which drop off by some of the bosses in 10 Man Naxxramas, 10 Man Sartharion, and 10 Man Malygos. The Valorous Frostfire Garb is considered as the Tier 7.5 Mage set gear, and can be obtained by the 25 Man version of the Lost Vanquisher Tokens, which drop off the 25 Man versions of the raids I previously mentioned. Both sets can be mixed and worn at the same time to use the Frostfire Set Bonuses. Much like how the Gladiator gears work.

The two bonuses of the Frostfire Garbs are:

I was lucky enough to get my [Valorous Frostfire Circlet] in our last Heroic Naxxramas raid, which dropped the [Crown of the Lost Vanquisher] off of Kel’Thuzad. With this piece, I will now have my 2 piece set bonus. This also means I can “double trinket” again, using the set bonus.

For a quick refresh on how it works, whenever you use a Mana Gem, you gain a buff which grants you +255 Spell Power for 15 seconds. When you use a Mana Gem, it will also put a 15 second cooldown on any Trinket you have which has an “on use” Spell Power buff. However, if you use your Trinket first, you are still able to use your Mana Gem to get the extra +255 Spell Power buff, enabling you to stack two Spell Power buffs. For example, if you are using [Mark of the War Prisoner], you would use the following macro:

/use Mark of the War Prisoner
/use Mana Sapphire
/cast Icy Veins

This will give you a +601 Spell Power buff. Just remember to use the Trinket FIRST and use the Mana Gem AFTER.

I’ve also tried to “triple trinket” using the [Serpent-Coil Braid]. The buff you get from the 2 piece Frostfire, and the Serpent-Coil Trinket DOES NOT stack. However, the Mana return bonus DOES stack. How does it stack?

They Mana return bonus stacks additively, not multiplicative. The Frostfire bonus returns an extra 40% Mana, the Trinket will add an additional 25%, giving you an extra 65% Mana return when you use a Mana Gem. If you add in the Glyph of Mana Gem, you can have the Mana return bonus of 75%.

Now that I have my 2 piece bonus, I have to now remember that I actually have a use for Mana Gems now. I’ve been having zero Mana problems PvEing as Deep Frost so I’ve rarely use them. Got to make a new macro now, and since I don’t have any Trinkets to activate, I’ll go with this:

/use Mana Sapphire
/cast Icy Veins
/cast Mirror Image
/cast Summon Water Elemental

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  • magi said:

    Grats! I just got 2 pieces T7 myself not too long ago (10 man version though), and the built-in trinket is nice to have. WTB 25 man versions!


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