New Portal, New Trinket

utada-portal.jpgI copied my mage over to the Public Test Realm the other day, and two days later she finally got copied over.

If you have been keeping up with all the upcoming changes in the next patch 2.4.2, then this will probably be old news for you. For everyone else, we Mages are getting a new Teleport and Portal spells! There is also a new PvP Trinket with upgraded Resilience stats on it.

New Mage Portal:

For Horde Mages you uhh… I dunno, make your way to Stonard, track your Class Trainer and find the Portal Trainer. Should be something like that :) You now have quick access to Sunken Temple and the Dark Portal.

For Alliance Mages, you can learn how to Teleport and open Portal to Theramore Isle. Hop on the griffin from Ironforge to Wetlands, take the boat to Theramore, change your mini-map tracking to find Class Trainers, and follow the ping on your map. You will find Ysuria the Portal Trainer at the bottom of the tower where Jaina resides. You now have quick access to Onyxia’s Lair, and are a quick flight path away from Gadgetzan. You can also teleport here to visit everyone’s favorite Mage Hero: Lady Jaina Proundmore.


New PvP Trinket:

The new PvP trinkets would be available where you would normally purchase your PvP gear with Honor Points. Right now on the current PTR build, it is using the same name as the 2 Min PvP trinket, and doesn’t show the cost for the new trinket. The only difference is that instead of 20 Resilience rating, the new trinket has 45 Resilience rating.

In Other News:

Kalecgos and Brutallus down, and we got nothing but Protector and Defender Tokens, and no Caster drops. Felmyst dies and we get [Boots of the Forgotten Vanquisher] x 2 (one of our Mages got one), and a [Grand Magister's Staff of Torrents] again (gave to another Warlock)!

Now that all the Caster DPS in the raid have good weapons, I shall start bidding on this yummy staff for my haste set the next time it drops. If it never drops again, I am happy with my Archi-blade.

We made a few attempts on the Eradar Twins. We got one of the Twins down to 72% before she killed our Warlock Tank and proceeded to nuke the crap out of the entire raid. More on this at a later time :)

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