WoW Insider’s Secret Mage Page

There seems to be a hidden directory on the WoW Insider’s (now just website. Maybe it is just a work in progress. Maybe it was it was just lost in the transition of going from over to Maybe it is an abandoned project, never to see the light of day again.

Or maybe it is already known to everyone and it is just me who just found it. If so, I couldn’t navigate to it from the main page. The page I found is this: WoW Insider’s Guide to Mages.

Either way, it is a nice little page with links to a few important links and articles that any Mage or Mage-to-be should take a look at. There is even a list of great Mage blogs that you may recognize. Criticall QQ, Armageddon’s Coming, Pew Pew Lazers!- to name a few.

If you do a bit more digging around on, you will find that there are similar pages for the rest of the lesser classes too!

If you compare the Mage page with some of the other classes, then it looks more like a work in progress. The section for Talents, and Glyphs are missing. The section for Mage Addons is also missing.

If these pages have been left for dead, then we should bring notice of these pages to the peeps at WoWInsider so that they may revive it and make them known to their readers. Make it possible to navigate to these pages from the main page- or even add links for them on the main page.

If it weren’t for a Wordpress Stat plugin, I would have never found this page. I’ve been getting hits from this page maybe a couple times a week- so there is at least somebody out there who knows of this page. Maybe and WoWInsider mole using these pages as their own personal bookmark (gasp!).

Anyways, you guys should take a peep at the class pages. WoWInsider really do have some very nice articles for each class, and are definitely worth the read.

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  • Gnomeaggedon said:

    I stumbled across that a while back, but like you thought it was one of those long forgotten side projects

  • anthony deloach said:

    Mage page and others on comparison does look like work in progress.

  • Rakhman said:

    Hey nice find. The Shaman page has a lot on there, although most of the information appears to be pre-Wrath, for example most of the builds are level 70 ones. Still, lets hope they update these pages.

  • Tuna said:

    Hey Tuna,

    You found some pages that are currently being worked on. We’ll eventually publish these, but they’re obviously not ready for prime time yet.

    The hits coming from the pages are actually our writers double checking things.

    Thanks for reading!

    - Adam

  • Calli said:

    O.o Nice find, hope these pages eventually do see the light of day, must check out the other class pages.


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