PTR Patch 3.0.8 – Mage Raid Specs

Undead Mage by Black Valentine

The Official Patch Notes for the Patch 3.0.8 Test Realm has been updated recently, and you can find it here on the WoW website. With the changes being made to the Mage’s talent trees, there will be a few adjustments you will need to make, and brand new specs to try out in raids. First let’s look at the new Mage changes:


  • Arcane Blast: This ability has been significantly changed. Arcane Blast now increases the damage of the next Arcane spell by 15%. However, using Arcane Blast itself does not consume the charge itself. Each time you cast Arcane Blast, the damage of Arcane spells is increased by 15% and the mana cost of Arcane Blast is increased by 200%. This effect stacks up to 3 times and lasts 10 seconds or until any Arcane damage spell except Arcane Blast is cast.
  • Arcane Flows: Now also reduces the cooldown of Evocation by 1m/2m.
  • Elemental Precision: Renamed to Precision and now works on all spells.
  • Evocation: Cooldown reduced to 4 min.
  • Improved Blizzard: The snaring effect has been reduced to 25/40/50%.
  • Incanter’s Absorption: The amount of spell damage a Mage can gain from this ability is now capped at 5% of the mage’s health.
  • Mirror Image: The Mirror Image Polymorph ability now has a range of 8 yards. In addition, Mirror Images will no longer have excessive threat values assigned to them when they are created.
  • Slow Fall is now castable on others.
  • Torment the Weak: Now works with Arcane Blast and does bonus damage against targets afflicted with any type of slow (such as the combat slow from Thunder Clap).
  • Pyromaniac no longer reduces the mana cost of Fire spells by 1/2/3%, and will now allow 10/20/30% Mana regeneration while casting.
  • Hot Streak can now be activated by Living Bomb.

So I downloaded the new PTR client, and copied my Mage over to test out all the talent changes, and played around with the new specs. One thing I did forget to do when I copied my Mage over was to bring some Glyphs with me. So I have my Mage on the test server testing out the new specs without the Glyphs to go along with it. Hopefully I find some kind soul on PTR who can give me some.

For now, these are what I’ve came up with just using the [Glyph of Molten Armor], [Glyph of Improved Scorch] and [Glyph of Frostfire]. I also have 4 Pieces of Tier 7. The untalented stats for my Mage are as followed:

  • Health: 15.2k
  • Mana: 18.6k
  • Spell Power: 1808
  • Spell Crit: 26%
  • Spell Haste: 263
  • Spell Hit: Capped
  • Mana Regen: 489

For testing purposes, once I found a good spell rotation for a spec, I tested the DPS on the target dummy using recount 5 times, and took the median report and used that. I used only one Mana gem, and stopped DPSing when the Mana gem cooldown came back up (so about 2.5 – 3 minutes). I also didn’t use Evocation.

Frostfire Spec:

This is the current top Raid DPS “cookie cutter” Mage spec in its current form. With a few changes in the Mage talents, Frostfire gets a buff in the DPS, as well as the Mana efficiency department. Can the reigning DPS Champ hold its ground against the new up and coming specs? We’ll find out soon.

The biggest change for the Frostfire spec is the change to Hot Streak, with Living Bomb crits now being able to proc the buff. Also yes, if Living Bomb crits on multiple targets, it will proc Hot Streak. This alone will throw in more Pyroblast into your total DPS.

The new change to Pyromaniac will help out with Frostfire’s mana efficiency, as well as making Spirit worth a tiny bit more for Mages. Not much, but it helps.

Spell Rotation

2 x Scorch, Living Bomb, 7-8 x Frostfire Bolt -> 1 x Scorch
*Use Pyroblast on Hot Streak*
*Recast Living Bomb*
*Refresh Improved Scorch on target*

No change at all in your normal Frostfire spell rotation other than the fact that you will be seeing a lot more Hot Streak procs from your Living Bombs.

Recount Reports


Frostfire Bolt will do almost 50% of your total DPS, then Pyroblast and Living Bomb doing about 10% each. Frostfire’s high crit damage and high crit rate makes this spec very powerful. With the extra mana efficiency, I was able to last until the next Mana gem cooldown, even though it was JUST barely. The overall DPS for the Frostfire spec was at around 3470 DPS.


Frostfire spec still looks very good, and adding Living Bomb to Hot Streak really helps out. The problem I have with Frostfire is that it is VERY inconsistent. Some test runs didn’t break 3k DPS, while some broke 3.5k. Sometimes I would have 8 Hot Streak procs, sometimes I get only 3. The damage is still high, and Molten Fury hasn’t even been factored in yet.

I also have to note that while testing this spec on the target dummies, Living Bomb was actually hitting another target dummy which was just within range of the blast. So the total DPS was a bit higher than it is. This will also affect the number of Hot Streak procs and the number of Pyroblasts thrown in.

Overall, Frostfire will still remain a high DPS spec for raiding Mages.

Deep Arcane w/ IV:

The new change to Arcane Blast is one of the biggest changes, and will give Arcane Mages a nice boost in DPS making them viable for raiding again. The new Arcane Blast mechanic gives the Arcane Mage a sort of “combo” system, much like how Rogues DPS. This gives you a lot of flexibility as an Arcane Mage, allowing you to make adjustments in your rotation depending on your Mana pool.

With the change to Elemental Precision (to be renamed to just “Precision”), it will now also affect Arcane Spells. This combined with Arcane Focus, Arcane Mages can have 6% increase in Arcane Spell Hit, and 6% Mana reduction on Arcane Spells. This makes it so that Arcane Mages only need 289 Spell Hit without the help of other players.

3 Points into Incineration gives your Arcane Blast an increase of a critical strike chance by 6%. I also have Icy Veins in this spec. Everything else in the Arcane Tree is pretty much “cookie cutter” Arcane with the exception of not having Magic Attunement for the extra 6 yard range. If you want the extra range, you can sacrifice Icy Veins for it.

New Arcane Blast Mechanics

When you cast Arcane Blast, you get a buff that will give your next Arcane Spell a 15% increase in damage. It will also increase the mana cost of your next Arcane Blast by 200%. This buff can stack up to 3 times, and is not consumed by Arcane Blast.

  • 1 Stack: 15% Damage increase, 200% mana cost on next Arcane Blast
  • 2 Stacks: 30% Damage increase, 400% mana cost on next Arcane Blast
  • 3 Stacks: 45% Damage increase, 600% mana cost on next Arcane Blast

How many buff stacks you use will be up to you, depending on your Mana pool’s relation to the Mob’s health. For the testing I was running out of Mana way too fast, and had to keep the stacks to down the 1 and 2.

Spell Rotation

Slow, AB -> ABr, AM on MBr

This means keep the Slow debuff up on the target at all times, while using an Arcane Blast -> Arcane Barrage rotation, and using Arcane Missile whenever Missile Barrage procs. This was the basic spell rotation which I used, and I STILL ran out of mana before the Mana gem cooldown was back up. Let’s see what the results were.

Recount Reports


As you can see, Arcane Blast will make up a majority of your DPS with Arcane Missiles and Arcane Barrage close behind. You will have your big crits like your Frostfire counterparts (yep 11k crits!), but sadly the crit rate was disappointing if you are used to playing as Frost/Fire/Frostfire. The overall DPS for the Arcane Spec was at around 2690 DPS.


Remember this is WITHOUT the proper Glyphs for this spec. If I had the [Glyph of Mage Armor], [Glyph of Arcane Power] and [Glyph of Arcane Blast], this would have been a totally different story. The Arcane Blast Glyph increases the buff given by 5%, which gives 20/40/60% increase in damage depending on the number of stacks. That glyph would have made a HUGE difference.

Also in a raid setting, you will have multiple ways of regaining Mana back with various raid buffs and debuffs. You would be able to afford to add 2 to 3 stacks of the Arcane Blast buffs into your rotations.

This makes Arcane very much a viable raid spec which will rival even Frostfire spec. I also like how the DPS was a lot more consistent than Frostfire. The only problem is maintaining the mana long enough to keep this spec in the running during boss fights.

Deep Fire w/ TotW:

Fireball makes an appearance into the raiding scene once again in an attempt to dethrone Frostfire as King of the Mage raiding DPS spec. With the change to Torment the Weak, that talent opens up many new opportunities for other specs to raid with. This is one of them.

The big change of course is Torment the Weak which before only applied to Slow on boss fights, will now apply to other slowing movement/attack/casting speed debuffs such as Thunderclap or Curse of Tongues. So in a raid where such debuffs are up on the boss most of the time, this Deep Fire spec will shine.

The new change to Pyromaniac will also help out with Deep Fire’s mana efficiency, as well as making Spirit worth a tiny bit more for Fire Mages. Although this will help a bit with mana efficiency, Deep Fire will still have some mana concerns.

The reason is the lack of Elemental Precision. This will also mean you will need to make up the extra 3% Spell Hit with gear. This makes the Spell Hit rating you need at 446 without any help from other classes.

Spell Rotation

2 x Scorch, Living Bomb, 7-8 x Fireball -> 1 x Scorch
*Use Pyroblast on Hot Streak*
*Recast Living Bomb*
*Refresh Improved Scorch on target*

The spell rotation is pretty much exactly like the Frostfire’s spell rotation.

Recount Reports


The DPS reports pretty much shows Deep Fire almost identical with Frostfire. The difference is that Fireball crits are lower than Frostfire Bolt but happens more frequently. Deep Fire’s mana also didn’t last as long as Frostfire’s mana. Despite this small difference, the overall DPS for Deep Fire was at 3391 DPS.


Uh oh! Looks like Deep Fire has already given Frostfire a run for its money, and it hasn’t even shown its full potential yet! First off, this test was still missing the [Glyph of Fireball] which will increase the critical strike chance of Fireball by 5% at the cost of the Fireball dot.

Another missing component to this test was the lack of slows and snares on the target. Adding a slow to the target would essentially add and extra 12% damage increase to all of the Fireball’s damage. This would push Deep Fire’s DPS over Frostfire’s DPS by a good amount.

Deep Fire’s DPS is a litte bit more consistent than Frostfire, but there is still a gap between the min/max of this spec’s DPS. There are just things that you cannot control for both of these specs. You could have a 55% crit rate with none of them happening in a row, which will result in no Hot Streak procs for example. Also mana will be an issue with this spec. Better than Arcane, worst than Frostfire for mana.

Do we have a new winner? Looks like we may. Deep Fire will make its way back into the raiding field again with this coming patch. Look for this spec to flourish in raids next patch.

Deep Frost w/ TotW:

Last but not least, we’ll see how Deep Frost fits in with this new crowd of specs. Like the Deep Fire spec, 18 points will be dropped into the Arcane tree to pick up Focus Magic and Torment the Weak for the DPS boost.

You will also have Arcane Concentration which will pretty much have you never running out of mana if you are spamming Frostbolts.

Just like Deep Fire, Torment the Weak will give your Frostbolt a 12% damage increase on any slowed or snared targets.

Spell Rotation

Frostbolt -> More Frostbolt

The spell rotation for Deep Frost has pretty much become the easiest spell rotation. Just Frostbolt as much as possible while managing your cooldowns. Looks like I can start to watch TV again while raiding again! Just in time for this season’s 24!

Recount Reports


Frostbolt will do pretty much be all the damage that will be coming from your Mage (not counting Water Elemental). With Fingers of Frost procs and Frostbolt’s already high crit rate, you will be critting A LOT! Also, by the time the Mana gem cooldown was up again, I was still at around 70% mana. Mana will NOT be a problem with this spec at all. The total overall DPS of the Deep Frost spec (counting Water Elemental) was around 3188 DPS.


Looks like the new Deep Frost spec has brought the gap between Frost and Frostfire a bit closer. Again, the [Glyph of Frostbolt] was missing from this test and could increase the DPS by a good amount. [Glyph of Water Elemental] was also missing, but wouldn’t have impacted this test much.

Again, mana won’t be an issue unless you were spamming Blizzard, and you shouldn’t even have to use Evocation during boss fights. I also liked the consistency in the DPS for Deep Frost. The DPS was pretty much the same with all 5 tests.

Will Frost be the top spec? Nope, but it’s not going to be 15% behind like it is now. Will it be viable in high end raids again? Looks like it will have a shot again.

Final Thoughts

Again this was just a small spec test done by me on the PTR for like an hour. It doesn’t give any concrete proof, it just to give you a “look” of what to expect. Also remember other factors which haven’t been included in these test such as having to move, length of fights, etc. Also I didn’t have the correct Glyphs for any of the specs besides Frostfire. If you are on the Test Realms and happen to have a few extra glyphs you don’t need, Spicytunas is the name of my Mage (on both test servers) if you want to pass them on.

As always, any questions or comments are welcomed. Anything you would like to add, please feel free to do so.

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  • Leftie said:

    Nice article man and thanks for the review. Could you do something similar for PvP and include gear, gems, enchants, etc.?

    Thanks again (-:

    - Leftie -
    Gnome Mage / Anvilmar

  • krizzlybear said:

    Woot! An excellent collection of data. Mages out there should take note that these specs favor certain stats more than others. FFB wants a lot of crit, so it can proc Hot streak more often, while Arcane loves spirit, so it can have the regen to keep up multiple stacks of ABlast to increase its overal damage output. Frost is more spellpower/haste, since you want to be proccing FoF as often as possible, and getting the most out of your critical damage.

    krizzlybears last blog post..Frost is the New Black has MOVED!

  • WeeMan said:

    With the deep frost, have you ever tried using the FB in combination with Ice Lance? Because when the FoF procs after a frostbolt, your ice lance will almost certainly crit doing alot of damage. Just a thought, but it still might improve the total dps of the deep frost spec.

  • krizzlybear said:


    Much like BC, due to the differential scaling of Ice Lance compared to Frostbolt with spellpower, there is a specific stat barrier where Shatter Combos will actually decrease your DPS compared to straight out frostbolt spam.


    I’ve got a question about TtW. As of right now, it seems that the only way of being able to benefit from TtW on raid bosses is to have an Arcane mage in your party applying slow. Have you been able to read any source that said that the snare requirement could now be done through other means? This issue is pretty much the only reason why I’m not fully convinved to go the full 18 points into arcane, but rather 11 points for focus magic, putting the other points back into the frost tree, particularly brain freeze.

  • Tuna (Author) said:

    @ Leftie

    To be honest, I haven’t done any sort of PvP really, and can’t really give you anything about it at this time. Hopefully when the duel spec option comes out I can start talking about PvPing again. Then I would like to do something similar to this.

    @ WeeMan

    Just like what Krizzly said, there is a spell dmg/ spell crit barrier where it will actually lower your DPS trying to throw in Ice Lance to get your shatter combos in during boss fights. Same applies to using Fireball on Brain Freezes, which I opted to not take.

    @ Krizzlybear

    In the patch notes it said that TtW will apply to other means of slows and snares, but only gives Thunderclap as the only example. On PTR I tested the damage of Frostbolt multiple times before and after having a chill effect up and saw an increase of dmg. Also if you saw Faxmonkey’s latest video, he solo’s Onyxia with Ice Armor. Ice Armor applies an attack speed reduction debuff which works for TtW for him. Video can be seen here:

  • Falty said:


    “Torment the Weak: Now works with Arcane Blast and does bonus damage against targets afflicted with any type of slow (such as the combat slow from Thunder Clap).”

  • cent said:

    Great read.

    Quick question, if i have the scorch glyph, can i put my imp. scorch talents elsewhere?, and still get 5 stacks of scorch with 2 casts, or will that simpy not work.

  • Mishiko said:

    Hey, thanks for this great blog post – very informative and thanks for the talent trees!

    I switched from FFB spec to your Arcane spec and saw a marked increase in DPS. I’m enjoying the exciting rotations and different playstyle – thanks so much for all your hard work!

  • Tuna (Author) said:

    @ cent

    Yes you will still need at least 1 point into Improved Scorch in order to use the Glyph. 1 Point only gives you a 33% chance of applying the debuff though, so you would still want 3 points to give you 100%. The Glyph just allows you to stack the debuff faster.

  • Vincent said:


    Regarding Deep Frost. If you use the Frostbolt Glyph, with the removal of chill effect, doesn’t it also remove the 12% extra damage from Torment the Weak? Giving up 12% damage for 5% Frostbolt damage results in 7% loss of damage, making you a pure raiding mage because of the snare effect that you now have to rely on other players. You will more likely to see a drop in dps in 5-man and other battles?

  • Tuna (Author) said:

    I only had boss fights in mind when I wrote this. The thing with Torment the Weak is that you pretty much HAVE to rely on other players unless you are Arcane. Even if you don’t have the Frostbolt Glyph, the debuff won’t work on bosses anyways. In a raid setting, you will most likely have someone in the raid applying slows/snares on the boss for you to have your damage bonus.

    In 5 man groups, I pretty much AoE all trash anyways, and I wouldn’t PvP with the glyph.

  • Darkensky said:

    Great article!

    I was wondering what I am doing so wrong with my build. Your stat numbers for frost build are making me wonder what I should be doing different to reach that 3k dps mark. I know its one button “frost bolt” but I do add in ice lance and fireball (brain freeze). My build is frost / arcane and supplied a link to my character below. I mostly run heroics and just raids.

    I open this up to anyone that might want to chime in. Again, great article and thank you for your time.

  • Eldren said:


    Love your blog, and thanks for checking out all these builds. My personal preference has been for frost since my beginnings as a mage, and I’ve stuck with it through BC and into WoLK. I checked out your deep frost build with Torment the Weak, and I have a question. You said that mana was not an issue with this build, so can you swap out Arcane Concentration for Arcane Fortitude and Magic Absorption?

    Eldrens last blog post..Levelling Alts

  • morgg said:

    @ darkensky

    The reason why when you throw out an Ice Lance or Fireball whenever Fingers of Frost or Brain Freeze proc, and it ends up lowering your DPS is because they are instant casts. Each instant cast pretty much takes up 1.5 seconds due to the global cooldown. The 1 second difference between throwing out the instant spell instead of casting another Frostbolt isn’t worth it IMO and you would be better off just chain casting Frostbolts (even though it will be boring). Hope my explaination makes sense, I suck at explaining things.

    @ eldren

    In a pure raiding build, Arcane Concentration will be far more worth it than the other two talents, even if Mana isn’t an issue. Your armor rating won’t matter because you shouldn’t be getting hit, and when you do, the extra 1-2k armor won’t do much. Magic Absorption would come in handy for when you need the extra magic resistance, but I dont think it would be worth taking over Arcane Concentration.

  • Icedeagle said:


    great read i always love to hear what others think about mage talents and dps.

    i myself have been looking for another spec after that last patch sense they took the ghost hit away from frostfire bolt it seems to lower dps required due to having to sub gear out for hit. i think this will help me alot with deciding on what raiding spec i would like to be.

    i loved the old arcane/frost from bc i was top dps with it im sad to see you didnt try that spec out. im very partial to frost tree and was sad when i had to switch to frostfire to pull 4-5k dps on bosses. now it doesnt seem as viable

    thanks for the help i will check out the frost/arcane

    and for anyone wanting to know the deep/fire spec didnt do so hot for me last night with right glyphs and such in 25 man nax. only 3.1k dps and im not badly geared. =(

    @ Lefti

    as for ur question for pvp. if your talking about arena you should not be with any other partner (unless full frost with a rogue)

    you should 2v2 with another geared mage

    feel free to look my spec up thats the pvp spec you want. Pom fireball works 4 times better with TTW then pyro now and spamming mana shield is how u wtf pwn the other person.

    feel free to look me up and see spec

    Icedeagle / server- duskwood

  • rbn said:

    Hey Tuna.

    Great article. Enjoy reading it.

    I just respecced to Arcane from ffb and I am totally loving it. I’m still trying to figure out the best rotation for me based on my gear and play style. Mana is definitely tighter but I’m kind of used to mana management from playing a priest as my main for 2 years. For example, my mana gem is always on cool down. I use my first mana gem as early as I can, usually right after I spent about 5k mana and bring my pool back up full. That way, I have a full mana bar + Evocation to use while waiting for the 2nd mana gem to come up. With arcane spec, Evocation c/d is 2 minutes. Alternating Evo and mana gem, mana issue becomes more manageable.

    I raid with an awesome tank, so I usually start the fight with a sequence like this: Slow, Icy Vein, Arcane Power, PoM, AB x 3, ABar, ABx3, ABar… until all the intitial buff is gone, throw in a Mana Gem after about 5k mana, depending on how many Clearcasting procs. Then AB, ABar, AB, ABar… AM on MBar. The big crit number at the beginning is definitely an ego booster. Especially when the fight starts and you see yourself with 4k+ dps right on top of the recount list. Then your dps starts to drop, of course, and see DKs start climbing up all over you… I only have one T7.5 and 1 T7 gear, so my dps still have quite a few room to grow, I think.

    Right now, I use Glyph of Molten Armor, Mana Gem and Arcane Power. I might replace mana gem glyph with Arcane Blast since I now discovered mana issue isn’t as bad as I anticipated and that I am using Arcane Blast a lot more than I thought I would.

    Anyway, just want to share with you some of the things that I found out about arcane regarding mana issue. It is definitely tighter, but no where close to what I expected before respeccing to arcane. I was really concern that I would have to start wanding the boss towards the end of the fight, but it has never been the case. And my dps is usually on par with my ffb build before, if not higher.

  • Falcrop said:

    Hey Tuna,

    Love your article!

    From looking at your article I can see that frostfire spec is the best for raiding. For whenever the next patch comes out you said that deep fire would have a conciderate change and would be competing for the top dps in raids for mages. I want to find out what the changes could possibly be to make deep fire spec to triumph frostfire spec.

    As well I was wondering if the talents in fire that make fire spells do 50% more crit damage and the 100% more frost crit damage stacks to 150% crit for frostfire bolt. Also for the 6% increased frost damage if that applies to frostfire bolt.

    Thanks :)

  • vera said:

    Great breakdown of the specs =)
    I’m currently deep frost, and will definitely try cutting the instants out of my rotation.
    I’m also looking at ways to optimize my spec, and I was wondering a couple things about your deep frost spec. Is there a reason for going all the way down to Deep Freeze? It seems like it’s pretty useless in raids, and without Frostbite, it won’t have much use otherwise either. Speaking of which, it seems that the point in Imp. Blizzard and those in shatter are kind of wasted w/o the Frostbite as well.
    Also, without incorporating ice lance into the normal rotation, is there a good reason to go for Spell Impact? Granted, the points in arcane are necessary to get down to Torment the Weak, but would those points be better spent in Magic Attunement for range, or even in rounding out Student of Mind?

  • Tuna (Author) said:

    @ Falcrop

    There is two things which would put Fire over FFB spec in PvE. They are the Spell Power Coefficient differences between FIreball and Frostfire Bolt, and then there is Torment the Weak.

    Fireball gets 115% with Empowered Fire
    Frostfire Bolt gets 100.71% with Empowered Fire

    This means if you have 2000 Spell Power, Fireball gets a total bonus of 2300 Spell Power, and Frostfire Bolt gets 2014.2 Spell Power. The difference will get bigger as you get more and more Spell Power.

    With changes to what effects apply to Torment the Weak now will give Fireball a 12% damage increase pretty much all the time during raids. Those two together could put Fire spec over FFB spec.

  • Tuna (Author) said:

    @ Vera

    Yea I actually didn’t really noticed it til it was too late, but when putting together a “Frost PvE Spec” for the article, I was pretty much putting together a spec I would use so I didn’t have to respec for Raiding/PvP/Heroics, and that was what I was using.

    You are right though, for a pure raiding spec, I would drop Deep Freeze and probably the point in Imp. Blizzard too, and put them both into Arcane to fill out Student of the Mind.

    Then the 3 points in Spell Impact, I would put 1 point into Magic Attunement, and the other 2 points into Arcane Meditation.

    It would look something like: THIS

    The reason why I don’t use Imp. Blizzard and Frostbite together in raids is because although it does a ton of DPS, it tends to kill a lot of melee DPS. As fun as that is, It makes raid nights more entertaining, but go on for much longer.

  • Hour said:

    M8 this looks great. I have been dong some tests as well and I ahve figured out that frostfire is the beast spec for mages that wana raid. got top ds in a 10 man naxx with no gear only blues and 4 epics. even tho ppl had full epic and where not slacking.

    Hour | Mage | Deathwing

  • Sylvain said:


    I’ve been using a 57/3/11 build in raid (, very similar to the one you used for the Recount tests.

    So far during 5 man, never ran out of mana, but as you rightfully point out, during long boss fights (like last night in Naxx10 against Patchwerk) my mana pool (although not small) was depleted several times, leaving me begging for more mana.

    Deep arcane is fantastic for 5 man and shortish fights but I wouldnt advise it for people who are not ubber-geared and heading into Naxx.
    I’m personnally contemplating respeccing to frost fire or deep fire to check the resulting DPS and mana longevity during long fights.

    Thanks for your blog man, an excellent job :)


  • titanias said:

    i just have to go for FFB spec cuz i just LOVE those massive numbers flashing up on the screen. its just so awesome.shallow i know.

  • Angermage said:

    Know this is old but, as of now the three glyphs you should use for arcane are: Glyph of Arcane Blast, Glyph of Molten Armor, and Glyph of Arcane Missiles(+25% crit to AM or something like that), with spell rotation of ABx3-AMissiles whether or not MissileBarrage procs.
    Glyphed Molten Armor gives me over 9% crit now, lovin’ the huge buff with Spirit!
    I wouldn’t use glyph of mana gem or arcane power though…3 seconds on Arcane power is like 1 more Arcane Blast…not rlly worth it when you can trade that for +25% crit to your missiles.

    I’m gonna switch and dual spec fireball and FFB tonight tho and compare them, ‘cuz I’m way bored with Arcane :)

  • Angermage said:

    @ Sylvain FFB is super on mana, but I wouldn’t switch to Fireball if you’re havin’ mana trouble as Arcane in naxx, fireball’s pretty rough on the pool as well
    I think Fireball may be even tougher on mana than arcane…or maybe I’m just way too used to managing mana arcane style with 2 min. evo’s and mana gem swapping…evo’s go back to super long CD for fireball spec and that talent that makes crits cost 50% more mana or w/e it is for a spec that relies on crits means almost evey spell “should” be costing you 50% more mana to cast.

  • Babette Dominey said:

    Greetings, this is a truly absorbing web weblog and I’ve cherished learning quite a few of your content material and posts contained around the Internet web site, maintain up the outstanding perform and need to learn a great deal far more stimulating articles or blog posts in the future.


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