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Here are some tools that I have found to be very useful for Mages. With these tools, you will be able to improve your character in many ways. I have also included a short description of each tool, and some information about how to use the tools to improve your character. Give them a try, and hopefully you will find them as useful as I have.

WoW Web Stats

“Wow Web Stats is a unique tool to enhance your raiding experience in World of Warcraft. With WWS, you generate and share reports of your raids, which include a tremendous amount of information and statistics.”

WWS is an extremely useful raiding tool which breaks down every fight you encounter, allowing you to use the data and information to improve your character. You can view the data to determine your spell resist %, spell crit %, and even the proc rate of your abilities and trinkets.

If you are a Guild Officer, you can use this information to compare players to help improve the raid for future attempts. It is highly recommended that at the very least, one person in each raiding guild to run this tool. The more players running WWS the better. You can merge the data for more accurate results.

You can download the WWS Client at:


“Rawr is a program for comparing and exploring gear for Bears, Cats, Moonkin, Warlocks, Mages, Retadins, ProtWarriors, and Healadins, in the MMORPG, World of Warcraft. It is currently in public beta testing, and is being developed by by Astrylian, of US-Whisperwind. Rawr has been designed from the start to be fun to use, and helpful in finding better combinations of gear, and what gear to find.”

This tool is pretty much an upgraded version the WoW Armory and more. What I mainly use it for is to see what upgrades that are available to improve my Mage’s DPS. It breaks is down by each equipment piece, and lists for you some DPS upgrade for that equipment piece. It will also list you pieces with alternative gem usage and DPS comparison. Each piece of gear will also let you know where you can obtain it. Very nice for letting you know what you can upgrade, and where to get it.

Rawr is a stand-alone program that you need to download and run outside of WoW. You will be able to load your character’s data from your armory page for the program to use.

You can download the program at:

Be Imba!

“Be Imba! is the first online character auditor for the World of Warcraft MMORPG featuring: WoW character audit, WoW guild audit, PvE hints and tips, talent tree checks, talent build checks, talenting hints and tips, item quality checks, gear quality checks, socket and gem checks, enchant checks, melee ranged and spell hit checks, tank defense checks, instance suggestions.”

It will also let you know if you are Spell Hit capped or not, although it doesn’t take into account the extra 3% for Frost Mages as the other tools.

Another nice feature is that it will give you a recommendation of where you should be raiding at, according to your gear. It is a good way to know if you are ready to progress further or if you need to be better geared. This is only a rough estimate, but it is a good estimate.

You can find Be Imba! at:

Lhivera’s Theorycraft-o-Matic

This website will give you very useful information about your Mage that can be used to improve your DPS in many ways. It will also allow you to compare Talent Specs using information taken from your character. This can be very useful if you would like to know when to switch from Arcane Frost to Deep Frost for example.

Another feature which I found helpful was it also gave you a break down of each Mage stat, and how much the are worth for your Mage. It will tell you how much Spell Hit, Spell Damage, Spell Haste, and Spell Crit is worth according to your Mage. The calculator will also gives you a break down of Trinkets, and how much DPS they add according to your Mage stats and talents.

“Please note: this tool, like all theorycrafting, is imperfect. It is intended only to give you an approximate idea of how various stats and specs can affect your damage output, and there are all sorts of situations and variables that it cannot account for well; do not take it as gospel.”

You can find this tool at:


EJ is a forum where many theorycrafters for all classes come together and discuss many aspects of the game. From class mechanics to raid instances, you can pretty much find everything you need to know about WoW here. The only problem is finding what you need. There are hundreds of threads, with thousands of pages of posts, it makes it very hard to find what you need. You sometimes need to read through a ton of pages before you find the answer you are looking for.



Another forum, but more Mage specific. Although not nearly as extensive as EJ, Subcreation is another good source for Mage information. It is also not nearly as cluttered as EJ either.


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