Over 2000 DPS on Brutallus

The WoWWebStats (WWS) Report came back from Tuesday night’s Sunwell Plateau raid, and I was able to break 2000 DPS on Brutallus. /flex epeen

My previous attempts were around 1700-1800 DPS, so I am glad I was able to increase my DPS with some new gear and some small bit of re-gemming.

Now for Brutallus, in order for a Raid to sucessfully take down the monster, your total Raid DPS must be able to sustain over 27,777 DPS for 6 minutes. With 16 DPSers in the raid, that is an average of 1726 DPS per DPSer.

That number is difficult to achieve (especially sustaining that number for 6 minutes), and Brutallus is a very good “DPS Check” to see if your Guild has enough DPS to survive the rest of the Sunwell Plateau.

So how did I do compared to the Fire Mage and the rest of the Raid DPS? Not too shabby. Me and Squirtle came in 5th overall, one Frostbolt crit away from 3rd place.


Here is a link to the WWS for the Brutallus fight:


Now I am not going to lie, this is a better fight for a Fire Mage. We save all our Heroism until there is one minute left on the enrage timer, which is also when Brutallus is at about 20% health, and Molten Fury kicks in. In that last minute, a Fire Mage will go berserk on the DPS meters.

So how were we able to keep up with our Fiery Brethren?

First let’s look at the group makeup. Fire Mage had a Shadow Priest and Elemental Shaman, while I was in a different group with a Shadow Priest and a Restoration Shaman. So he got Totem of Wrath, and I get Mana Tide Totem. He had to use Evocation, and I didn’t.

Next we look at our stats. We both have around the same Spell Damage (1300+) and both are Spell Hit capped. Fire Mage is at 35% spell crit with Fire, and I am at 26% spell crit with Frost. With Raid buffs his crit jumps to ~40% with Totem of Wrath and use of Combustion and Destruction Potions. For me after Raid buffs, my Frostbolt crit % jumps to ~45% with Winter’s Chill, Empowered Frostbolt, and the use of Destruction Potions.

49% Frostbot Crit! Too bad Squirtle doesn’t share my Spell Hit %

I was able to spam Frostbolts with a very high crit rate without ever getting close to low on mana. That with a bit of timing of all my cooldowns add quite a bit to my DPS. Timing it so I could pop Icy Veins and my Water Elemental three times during the fight. Summoning Squirtle right before our Shamans popped Heroism so that he could get the buff, helped up his DPS a bit, which helps mine.

Hm… this post didn’t provide any useful information. I guess I just wanted to brag a bit… but hey, we’re allowed one every once in a while right?

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  • Olympia said:

    Frostmage rules!

  • Tudi said:

    Great great job! Jumping 300 DPS from your last attempt, I’d say that’s a solid improvement :)

  • Tankette said:

    I am glad I found this site and I found this particular post very interesting. My son has a mage and has almost always specced Fire for raids but he really enjoys Frost spec more. I am trying to figure out if he could just stay Frost spec for raids without gimping his DPS. I don’t know his spell damage or crit bonus but I know he’s maxed on spell hit. He’s raiding SSC and below.

  • Tuna (Author) said:


    Thanks :) I actually dropped like 20 dps this week, and my crit rate dropped to 46%, but it is good to know that I can put up over a 2000 dps consistantly now.


    The problem with raiding as Frost is convincing your Guild that you can without lowering your DPS. If you guys are raiding SSC at the moment, and are trying to progress. It might be better for him to stick it out as Fire since Hydross is half immuned to Frost, and most Guilds would want to bring the “best spec’d” players to a progressing raid.

    If the guild is more layed back and will allow him to come as Frost, he should give it a shot and see how well he can raid as Frost. If he has no problems keeping up with the other Fire Mages, then they should have no problem with him coming as Frost.

    If the guild is more hardcore in wanting to progress, you just have to wait for the opportunity to show them how much
    Frost can do. I good time may be when you start venturing into TK and start attempts on A’lar. Most Mages spec Frost or Arcane for this fight, then respec back to Fire when they’re done. He could maybe stay Frost instead of respecing back.

    Doing all out DPS isn’t the only reason why Mages are brought to raids. Being a good Sheeper, a good decurser, or just an overall good Mage will get you invites. Some fights, survival is better than doing DPS. So your DPS can be slightly lower but you survive longer and do more damage overall.

    Also if he has some free time. He may test out his DPS on Dr. Boom in Netherstorm. He can use Recount, a DPS Meter, and do a couple of attempts as Fire, record the outcome. Respec Frost, do the same thing, and compare the results.

  • Tankette said:

    Great advice Tuna! We are working on Hydross, so ya, makes sense for him to stay fire. Besides that, staying alive seems to be more difficult for him than the other mages so that is a good argument for Frost spec. He has started doing arenas too.

    I’ll have him go test out his stuff on Dr Doom. I’m not sure he has perfected his spell rotation for Fire so it would be worth it just for that.

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