Over 2200 DPS on Brutallus

The WoWWebStats (WWS) Report are in from the Tuesday night’s Sunwell Plateau raid, and I was able to break 2200 DPS this time on Brutallus. This further proves that Frost isn’t just for control. We can DPS too! /flex epeen

After breaking 2000 DPS from before, I have always been hovering a little over 2000 and under 2200 DPS. This time I was finally able to break another DPS barrier. Could it be a result from obtaining the Shredder Helm? Possibly.

Brutallus is one of the main reasons why I look forward to every week. Not only because he has the [Leggings of Calamity], (which happens to be the biggest upgrade for me in Sunwell) but also because he is a fun fight for us DPSers.

All DPSers have a competitive nature, and this fight gives us a chance to let us see how much DPS we can output, and at the same time, let us compete against the other DPSers in the raid.

Now this it isn’t the “best” test of DPS, but it is one of the better fights where you can go “all out” without worrying about aggro. Plus there are other factors too that could make it unfair for some players.

Group composition is the biggest one. For all the DPS casters, we all got a Shadow Priest, and a Shaman. However, one of the Shamans is Elemental, which provides an extra +3% Spell Hit and Spell Crit. Last week the Warlocks got the Elemental Shaman, this week, it was the Mages’ turn.

Another factor is Burn. This week, only one of the DPS casters got the debuff (first time I didn’t get the debuff). Getting the Burn debuff meant that you would have to stop whatever you were doing, and run your little behind over to the “safe spot”, killing your DPS at the same time. Or you could Ice Block if you were a Mage, and only take a small hit to your DPS.

As you can see from the WWS, I was able to beat the Fire Mage this week, and 2 out of the 3 Warlocks. I timed all my cooldowns a lot better this week, and was able to have Squirtle out right before Heroism was popped, and was able to pop Icy Veins twice during the Heroism. With that, I was able to beat the Fire Mage by a small margin, who normally beats me on Brutallus.

The top Warlock was free to use Curse of Doom since the other two Warlocks had the other Curses covered. He was able to get off five Curses of Doom, each hitting for over 10,000 damage (wtf can we get something like that?!).

Looking at my DPS more in detail, you can see the importance of Spell Hit (zero resists ftw!), and more reasons why the Water Elemental should receive Spell Hit (or at least some of it) from the Mage. You can also see how high the Spell Critical Strike % is for Frost Mages. Yep, even higher than some Fire Mages.

Here is the link to our WWS Report if you would like to look at it more in detail:


You can also see that the more we do this boss and gear up, the more DPS the rest of the raid does, and Brutallus goes down faster. The first kill only had 1 or 2 players with over 2000 DPS, now we have 5 over 2200 DPS, and 5 with 2000 (or close to) DPS.

Yep, this has been another DPS bragging / epeen flexing post, but hey, it proves that Frost Mages are more than viable for top DPS and end game raiding right?

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  • Nick S said:


    comparing your mage against mine at its peak, it seems like you have about 200 more spell damage, and about 2% more crit.

    it boggles me mind that that translates into such a huge difference in DPS! my best DPS ever (over a whole boss fight, specifically Lurker) was barely over 1300, and that was the best mage DPS i’d ever seen at the time. i had a shadow priest and the old curse of elements, plus a hunter with FI up.

    can’t wait to progress further… can’t wait to level my new mage.

  • gnomeaggedon said:

    Awesome.. goes and hides in fiery back corner.. naah seriously grats, that’s awesome dps!

  • bro said:

    What is your frost raid talent build ?

  • Tuna (Author) said:

    @ bro

    I am currently 3/0/58, which is what I was for that fight also. I only picked up 3 into Arcane so my Sheep won’t get resisted on trash, then the rest in to Frost. I didn’t have any problems with mana (I have S.Priest and Shaman) so I had no need to get Clearcasting.

  • bro said:

    Do you recommand the 3/0/58 or the 10/0/51 for a starting raider ? I have started Kara/Gruul/Mag a month ago.

  • Tuna (Author) said:

    You would probably want to start off with 10/0/51 for Clearcasting. If you find that you are still running out of Mana too fast, then go 18/0/43 and get Arcane Meditation.


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