Brutallus: DPS Race

brutallus-3.jpgWe finally got him down! As I said before, this fight is pretty much a dps check for guilds, and we upped our raid dps and got him down. Brutallus is dead!

There is only two to three trash mobs from when you take down Kalecgos, to where you fight Brutallus, so this makes it alot easier to put in alot of attempts and not worry about trash respawns.

It is not just a simple tank and spank fight. There are a few mechanics to this fight that makes it a tad bit more complicated.

First off, Brutallus does Meteor Slash which does 20,000 Fire Damage to everyone infront of him at a 180 degree radius. The damage is however split between everyone he hits. The catch is, it leaves a stacking debuff which increases Fire Damage taken by 75% that lasts for 40 seconds.

To deal with this, we split the raid into two groups, each with a tank. The first group tanks him, while the second group is positioned so that they dont get hit by the Metero Slash. After the first group takes 3 stacks of the debuff, the tank in group two taunts him and does the same thing. By the time group two recieves 3 debuffs, group one’s debuff should have worn off, and group one’s tank then tanks him again.

The first Meteor Slash should hit for around 1.7k, second for about 3.2k, and the third for 4-5k. As a Mage, using Fire Ward and Ice Barrier will absorb a good amount of the damage, and give your healers more breathing room. You continue this rotation of taunting back and forth for the entire fight.


Thats not all! He randomly targets a raid member and puts a debuff on you called Burn. The debuff leaves a dot on you that ticks for Fire Damage and lasts for 60 seconds. It also will spread to any raid members within 2 yards of you. The dot starts off ticking low, but will eventually tick for 3.5k damage. Also while you have this debuff on you, it is unwise to take any Meteor Slash damage.

So what do you do? There will be designated “safe areas” where you must run to, in order to recieve heals and also be out of the Meteor Slash radius. The tricky part is weaving out of your group position without spreading the Burn to nearby raid members. So individual positions as well as group positions are very important in this fight. Mages have it easy since we can Ice Block out of the Burn debuff and not worry about moving. Frost Mages have it easier since we can Ice Block out of it twice, since he has been known to target the same person more than once.

As I mentioned before, he has 10,000,000 health with a six minute enrage timer, so you must bring as much dps as you can to the table (with enough healers to keep the tanks and raid alive of course). It is a very stressful fight, and expect to wipe many many times. Not nearly as fun as the Kalecgos fight.

Phat Loots?!

He dropped [Belt of the Forgotten Vanquisher] x 2, [Belt of the Forgotten Protector], and [Felfury Legplates].

The tank which recieved the [Felfury Legplates] was able to turn those pants in along with a [Sunmote] for [Felstrength Legplates].


Next up: Felmyst! We did not have to travel far to reach this boss. Remember Madrigosa? Well when you kill Brutallus, the fel blood that is spilt taints the ground around him, and consumes the flesh of her corpse where it lies when she was slained by Brutallus earlier on. From her corpse rose, Felmyst!

A video of our first attempt on Felmyst: