Slowly Getting Haste

making_haste_slowly.jpgLike what the title says, I have been slowly getting Spell Haste gear on my Mage. With the latest addition to my arsenal, the [Loop of Forged Power], in my Raiding gear I now have 142 Spell Haste Rating. This will increase my Spell Casting by 9% (rounded up).

This drops my Frostbolt cast down to 2.29 seconds and with Icy Veins popped, it brings it down even further to 1.91 second casts. What happened when I also got Heroism at the same time? My Frostbolts had a 1.47 second cast time. Man that was fun on Brutallus last night!

So I have been getting many questions concerning Spell Haste Rating, how to incorporate it into our gear, and how it stacks up against our other stats. To tell you the truth, I have been neglecting answering this because I honestly am not completely sure about it yet.

I have been looking around on the WoW Forums, ElitistJerks, and searching around other sources, and the general consensus in the Mage community of experts and theorycrafters for Raiding Mages is:

Spell Hit > Spell Damage = Spell Haste > Spell Crit > Spell Penetration

Spell Hit still being the most important stat for Mages (and all other casters) until you reach the Spell Hit cap of 99%. See Spell Hit Guide if you still have questions about this.

Spell Damage and Spell Haste almost equal in value but there are certain key factors. All of these stats boosts a Mage’s Damage per Second (DPS) and Damage per Mana (DPM) except Spell Haste. Spell Haste increases your DPS better than Spell Damage, but does nothing to your DPM.

So if you find yourself struggling with mana efficiency and are out of mana in a lot of fights, Spell Damage > Spell Haste. However, if you find yourself with with a large mana pool still left over after every fight, then Spell Haste > Spell Damage.

I’ll leave you with this for now. I will look more into this and do a more comprehensive break down of Spell Haste in the future. I will have information on how it stacks with other Haste effects and abilities. I will also talk about it effects your Global Cooldowns. It will even contain some numbers and calculations to make it look somewhat intelligent too!

So look forward to that, and also I will be working on some more mod stuff. I am thinking Raid Mods, or maybe Decursive. We’ll see…

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  • Olympia said:

    Hey there, love your blogg!
    i allways start spaming Arcane Blast to the end if i got loads of mana left, that should boost the dps abit, i wounder if you will win much agiest haste then.

    is so nice so see someone else trying to slove out this quest


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