Soul Eater – 6

The Rumored New Student! ~Full of Memories, Kid’s First Day at Shibusen?~

Episode 6 of Soul Eater was a good one. An action filled episode, that also had very funny moments. This episode finally brings all three Meister/Weapon teams together for the first time. It is Death the Kid’s first day at Shibusen, and he gives his introductions to Soul and Black Star.


The episode starts off with Death the Kid getting ready for school. Due to his compulsive nature, he must have everything perfect before he leaves. After checking and re-checking to make sure that everything is perfectly symmetrical, he is finally ready. He tells Liz and Patty that it is time to go to school, but they are already three hours late.

Meanwhile back at school, Maka and Tsubaki are in class with Dr. Stein, who is doing another dissection class. This time instead of dissecting frogs, they will be dissecting a rare on the brink of extinction bird. When confronted about this, Dr. Stein says that he wants to dissect it before its species becomes extinct and he won’t have the chance to anymore.


When Dr. Stein asks about where Soul and Black Star is, Maka tells him that they are probably slacking off somewhere. Maka also states that they might as well should just become partners. Tsubaki quickly shows her discomfort of that idea. Dr. Stein then announces that there will be a new student at school.

Meanwhile outside by the entrance to Shibusen, Soul and Black Star are sitting around. Black Star is getting pissed because he has been waiting here for three hours waiting to assassinate this new student who has been taking all of the attention at school.

When Kid, Liz and Patty finally arrives, Kid is marveled at how symmetrical his father’s school is. He meets Soul and after a brief moment, Soul is shown the OCD side of Death the Kid. While Kid is being… well Kid, Black Star shows up in his own special way introducing himself while standing up top of one of the school’s spikes. But all of a sudden, the spike breaks due to his weight.

This isn’t going to be good for Kid. Upon seeing the spike break, Kid sees that they perfect symmetry of the school is now broken, and he goes into a rage. Black Star accepts this challenge to fight of course, and drags Soul into the fight with him.


The fight rages on, and Kid shows them how powerful he is, and what it means to mess with a Shinigami. The fight draws the attention of Dr. Stein’s class, and Dr. Stein goes out to investigate the disturbance along with Maka and Tsubaki, leaving the rest of the class to study on their own.

Dr. Stein takes this opportunity to teach Maka how to view other people’s souls and their wavelengths. Maka is able to see the souls of Kid, Liz, and Patty, and sees how well they are in sync. That isn’t the case however when she sees how Soul and Black Star are doing.

Soul and Black Star decides to attack Kid with the power of their friendship, and unleashes their “Friendship Unity” attack. This didn’t go to well, and Black Star was unable to catch Soul as he turns into a Scythe, resulting in Black Star’s head getting sliced. Not only that, Black Star is unable to pick up Soul in weapon form due to the fact that their soul’s wavelengths are nowhere near being stable with each other.

Soul gets angry and decides that it is enough, and that they should break up. He says that he feels if they stay close like this, he may end up hating Black Star. Black Star understands, and asks if they can still be friend. Soul say they can stay friends, and the two hug. Kid takes them out by shooting them in the head.

Soul and Black Star renew their fighting spirit and start fighting Kid again. They were close to finally landing an attack, but are taken out again by Kid. Kid then unleashes his Resonance of Soul.

Maka and Dr. Stein can see how powerful Kid is by looking at how big his soul is, while Soul and Black Star who can’t see souls, just mocks Kid and tells him to bring it.

Kid goes into a transformation sequence and Liz and Patty changes into two cannons, and Kid goes into what he calls “Execution Mode”. Kid takes out Soul and Black Star with his Death Cannon.

After defeating Soul and Black Star, Kid all of a sudden just falls over. Maka explains that the near-miss attack from earlier action cut some of Kid’s hair, and that Kid had just noticed it and passed out. Soul and Black Star takes this as their win from behind. After seeing Tsubaki and Black Star, Maka tells Soul that Tsubaki and Black Star are really meant to be partners. Soul agrees.


Shinigami-sama shows up to pick up his son on his first day of school. Maka takes this chance to try to view Shinigami-sama’s soul but was unable to see it. She concluded that Shinigami-sama didn’t have a soul, but what she doesn’t know was that Shinigami-sama’s soul was so big that it is covering the entire city.


In the preview it looks like Maka and Soul are out on an assignment, and it will introduce a new character in which Maka will fight. Looks like there should be a lot of action in the next episode.


Liz and Patty before they met Death the Kid

I thought this episode was great. It showed what Death the Kid is capable of, and the scenes with Soul and Black Star were hilarious.

It also shows that Tsubaki really cares for Black Star, and there might be something between Maka and Soul.

I am also interested in Liz and Patty’s background too. It was stated in the episode that they grew up on the streets. Maybe they’ll show their tough side in future episodes.

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