M’uru: Close Encounters with the Third Kind

“M’uru was the sole naaru guardian of Tempest Keep. When the keep was invaded by Kael’thas and his blood elf followers, M’uru was captured and taken to Farstriders’ Square in Silvermoon City. Beginning with the implementation of the Burning Crusade, M’uru was found in Silvermoon City where his energy was being drained for use by the Blood Knights. In Patch 2.4.0, Kael’thas and his felblood minions captured M’uru from Silvermoon City and took him to Sunwell Plateau.

Without M’uru, Lady Liadrin was forced to seek out another source of power for the Blood Knights. She speaks to A’dal in Shattrath City, asking for forgiveness for M’uru’s imprisonment, and pledging her allegiance to the Shattered Sun Offensive. In that same instant, it is revealed that M’uru’s imprisonment was foretold by Velen. M’uru willingly accepted his role in the events that unfolded, knowing that it would lead to the elves’ redemption.” – WoWWiki.com

M’uru is also the fifth boss in the Sunwell Plateau and is considered one of the hardest encounters in the game (even harder than Kil’jaeden by some people). The fight has pretty much all boss situations into one fight. You need to CC, AoE, Dispell, Kite, focus DPS, split DPS… you name it.

From what I’ve seen from this encounter, it is like a mixture of the Shade of Akama fight from Black Temple, MorogrimTidewalker from Serpentshrine Caverns, Netherspite from Karazhan, and in Phase 2, the fight goes into a DPS race like Brutallus from the Sunwell Plateau.

M’uru: The Dark Naaru

During Phase 1, three adds spawn from both sides every minute or so, which can be Sheeped, snared, or feared. Also a giant void walker spawns everyone once in awhile. The adds, must be kept in check, and focus DPSed down one by one. The void walker also needs to be DPSed down, and when it dies, it spawns a bunch of small void walkers, which needs to be AoE’d down. All that while doing DPS to M’uru at the same time.

During all this, M’uru spawns small void circles on the ground which you need to avoid, and also does random raid damage the entire time. Fast reaction time is needed by all raid members for this fight.

During Phase 2, is when M’uru dies, and transforms into Entropius, and it is an all out DPS race. There is still raid damage being taken, and void circles are still being spawned during this time. No more adds though.

Here is a short video of our first attempt at M’uru.