Mage Trinket Woes

GollumThroughout my time playing WoW, I have always had the worst luck with getting Trinkets for my mage. They would either never drop for me when I am there, or they drop when I am not there. That or I would get outbid or out rolled for them. Now looking back, there are still some trinkets that left some bitter memories…

Going back to my Molten Core days, it took forever until I was finally able to obtain the all mighty ToEP!  Ahh… the days where raids were 40 man, with roughly about 25 people actually trying, 5 half-@ssing it, and 10 that were afk’d the whole time. /cheer

Okay, Zul’Gurub was released in a patch, and I was the first one in the guild to get the ZHC, no bad luck for getting this trinket. Double trinket’ing this with the ToEP made for fun times in PvP. /yay

Then there was Blackwing Lair… new trinket target: Neltharion’s Tear. So many times clearing this instance and I never won the roll/dkp or it just doesn’t drop. I think I have seen it dropped twice total. I STILL want this trinket! /sigh

Naxxramas comes out, we struggle in this instance for a long time, but not long enough to obtain Essence of Sapphiron. Burning Crusade is release, and Naxxramus is dropped like a bad habit. /boo

Burning Crusade is released, and everyone starts all over again from greens and blues. I pretty much kept my 8/8 Netherwind Set til 70, and replaced everything else. At level 70, end game content starts up again.

I got an Icon of the Silver Crescent as a reward for handing in badges, awesome Blizz! No need for running the same instance over and over again hoping for it to drop, just run enough instances til you have enough badges to get one. I still use this trinket at the moment. /woot

Entering Serpentshrine Caverns, all the casters are aiming for one trinket: Sextant of Unstable Currents. How many drops for us for the entire time farming this instance? ZERO! I settled for the mage trinket that dropped, Serpent-Coil Braid, which is good, and got a buff last patch with the changes to mana gems. I still use this trinket today.

Zul’Aman gets released in a patch. Oooh and upgraded version of the Icon, casters are now after the Hex Shrunken Head. Sadly it dropped twice for me so far, and both times I’ve lost the roll. Will have to give it another try after the server resets on Tuesday. /spit

Now finally… The Black Temple. The Skull of Gul’dan, the one trinket to rule them all. The wonderful boss that holds our precious? Illidan Stormrage. Will he give drop it? Apparently he just won’t part with it. The guild has killed him numerous times, and it has never dropped for us yet.

Sure, he keeps our Rogues happy and drops four Legendary Warglaives, three of them were main hands, and one off-hand, but he won’t drop the skull even once!

Every caster in the guild is saving up all their dkp, just waiting to spend it all for when it finally drops. Last week, the Shadow Priest and Warlock which had more dkp than me couldn’t make it to the raid, and I was on top of the rest of the casters… Nopes! He didn’t drop it… and that was our perfect chance to get the precious… /cry

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  • Shalkis said:

    If the encounter doesn’t require you to stop DPS for extended periods of time, Darkmoon Card: Crusade is definitely worth looking into. 80 spell damage is nothing to scoff at.

  • Alicialicious said:

    Hey! Love your blogg, lots of great information! I know you’re not doing a trinket dissection in this post but Quag’s Eye is another good trinket you should look at.

    Also, what do you think of the BT Rep trinket? My guild just started BT not too long ago, so I’m not even honored yet, just wondering if you tried it out yet and if it is worth getting.

    Looking forward to more of your posts!


  • Nicca (Author) said:

    First and foremost, I went looking for info on frost specs today and found the blog, love it.

    Re: trinkets, my guild is currently raiding SSC and so far I’ve accumulated:
    - Icon of the Silver Crescent
    - Xi’ri’s Gift
    - Quagmirran’s Eye
    - Shiffar’s Nexus-Horn
    - Pendant of the Violet Eye (only for stam)
    - Battlemaster’s Audacity (don’t ask why)
    - Scryer’s Bloodgem
    and currently collecting cards for Darkmoon.

    Question is, which combination is right for frost spec, if any? I’m used to playing Arc/Fire and haven’t used frost since my 40s… I’d really like to learn, though. :)

  • Tuna (Author) said:

    If you are currently hit capped, then I would recommend using Icon of the Silver Crescent and Quagmirran’s Eye. Those trinket will help boost your dps the most.

    Remember to activate your trinket BEFORE you summon pet, since your pet benefits from a % of your frost damage :)

    If you are not hit capped, go with Scryer’s trinket, and replace Quag’s Eye if you are running out of mana on boss fights, and alternate activating trinkets whenever the cooldown is up. If you are good on mana, use it with Quag’s Eye and you only need to pay attention to one trinket cooldown.


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