Sunwell: Finally Exaulted!

update.jpgA quick update on what I got so far this week. First off, I finally got Exaulted with the Sunwell Offensive. I have been doing my dailies and Heroic MGT everyday to make up for that week and a half of WoW I missed. Now that I hit Exaulted, I have a feeling that my laziness will kick in pretty soon, and I will probably stop doing my dailies again. I’ll try to keep doing them though, the server still need to unlock the new Badge and Epic Gem vendors.

Being Exaulted unlocked the new Alchemy recipes for me to make my [Sorcerer's Alchemist Stone]. I had the [Primal Fires] saved up and waiting for me, and I used [Badge of Justice] x 30 to purchase [Nether Vortex] x 2 to make the trinket.

I also have to decide what two trinkets to use now. Was currently using the [Hex Shrunken Head] and [Serpent-Coil Braid]. Hmmmm… which one to switch out…? I might keep my current trinkets for bosses, and swap out the Braid for the new trinket for trash. We shall see how that goes.

That’s not all. From trash mobs in the Sunwell Plateau earlier in the week, I got my hands on a yummy wand. The [Wand of the Demonsoul] is currently gemmed with a blue quality gem until I can get my hands on a [Pyrestone] to make [Potent Pyrestone] , [Reckless Pyrestone] , or even [Veiled Pyrestone]. I am leaning towards the Haste gem for now.


I also heard that Alterac Valley has been changed to balance it out a bit more, so I gave it a shot. I strapped on my PvP gear and went in solo. We lost but the games aren’t totally dominated anymore by the winning side. I liked it so far, so maybe I’ll start doing some PvPing again, or at least do the PvP dailies now.

Speaking of dailies, I finally got the last recipe I was missing from the cooking dailies, [Recipe: Delicious Chocolate Cake]. Mmm… cake…

Also, I have been doing the fishing dailies too! I want to get my hands on one of the new pets you can get from it. WTB [Toothy's Bucket] PST!

Remember the post about the Sunwell Lore? Well I also got some more screenshots of Aveena getting her energy drained into the Sunwell in order to summon Kil’jaeden. This was taken from the shot little cinematic cut scene when you click on the Orb after the second boss in Magister’s Terrace. Blizz should add more of these cut scenes in the future.


So far it has been a very productive week on Azeroth. Hopefully I can add Felmyst’s death to this list.

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