w00t! 7/8 Tier 6

After last weeks poor raid performance, we stepped it up for this week sucessfully, and took out the first three bosses of the Sunwell Plateau with little to no problems. Last week it took us a whole day of raiding just to kill one boss each, and on the third day of raiding, we failed to kill Felmyst. This week, it took us two attempts each for Kalecgos and Brutallus, and took us three attempts for Felmyst. That leaves us with two full raiding days for the Eredar Twins this week.

I even got myself loot out of the run last night. Kalecgos dropped [Bracer of the Forgotten Vanquisher] for me. I turned them in for my [Bracer of the Tempest] and got them enchanted with +15 Spell Damage. The Guild was out of [Crimson Spinel] so I settled for the blue [Runed Living Ruby] until we get some more Spinels or until the Epic Gem Vendor on my server opens (yea yea, still not opened yet…).

I am now 7/8 Tier 6! My Mage Belt token also dropped last night from Brutallus, but a Rogue won them over me. Oh wells, I’ll get them next week if it drops. Even though I have 7/8 Tier 6, I currently only wear six of the pieces. My [Leggings of Channeled Elements] that drops off of Kaz’rogal in Mount Hyjal are way better than the T6 Leggings. I am also trying to replace my T6 Helm with the [Cowl of the Illidari High Lord] that drops off of Illidan Stormrage, but he hasn’t been dropping any caster loot lately.


With the release of the Sunwell Patch, it opened up many options of ways to mix and match pieces of gear, and still be able to keep the four piece set bonus of the Tier 6 set. So even though I would have been happy if Blizzard gave us an eight piece set bonus, they made a good choice to give us this option to choose other gear instead.

So its a great start of a new raid week. Hopefully we keep march on with high spirits and make some good progress with the Eredar Twins.

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