Doing the Twins in Reverse

No no no. I was talking about the Eredar Twins in the Sunwell Plateau of World of Warcraft. You perverts! :P

This would be the reason why we have been slacking on the progression on the Eredar Twins. The higher ups had us adjust to a new strategy, which will make it easier (theoretically) for us to kill the twins. Also with this new strategy, it will enable us to kill the twins in whichever order we want, with no change in difficulty.

The only downside of this strategy is that EVERYONE must be on their toes, and leaves little to no room for error.

During the encounter, Grand Warlock Alythess will target and cast Conflagration on a random target, and that target must run away from the raid or it will instantly cause a chain reaction of fire damage and instantly kill the entire raid.

The problem with the new strategy is, we have all the ranged DPS and healers all standing on top of one another, so when she targets someone and begins her cast, that person has about three seconds to run out of the group to a safe spot, or it is an instant wipe. There is no recovery from a Conflagration mishap.

Also with our new raid positioning, we won’t have to deal with the little shadow spawns that Lady Sacrolash summons onto the raid. So we only have to deal with Conflagration, and once we get that down, taking them out by killing Lady Sacrolash first should be a piece of cake. When Lady Sacrolash dies, Grand Warlock Alythess will gain Lady Sacrolash’s powers, but the shadow spawns that she spawns will still have no affect us.

So if you factor in with people not paying attention to raid warnings or relying on being told to move on vent, we have been going through many many wipes. You also have to factor in latency for the game and vent. It could get frustrating really quick, but we shall be well rewarded when they finally die.

Why even bothering with killing them in reverse order?

By killing Lady Sacrolash first instead of the “easier way” of killing Grand Warlock Alythess first, will yield six pieces of epic loots (instead of five) and [Sunmote] x 4. The extra piece of epic will gear our raiders much faster, and the Sunmotes will be used to gear the raid with craftable BoE gear from the patterns found in the Sunwell Plateau.

So hopefully we can have the Eredar Twins down by next week if we make some good progress on them this week.

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