Eredar Twins: 1st Twin Dead

We managed to take down the first of the Eredar Twins tonight. Grand Warlock Alythess was the first of the twin to die, leaving Lady Sacrolash left to kill. She wasn’t as happy as we were though when her sister bit the dust. Lady Sacrolash then gained the abilities of her fallen sister and proceeded to destroy the main tank with in five seconds, and then the rest of the raid ten seconds later. It was not a pretty sight, but at least we made some good progress on this raid encounter.

This fight is a mixture of Twin Emperors from Temple of Ahn’Qiraj (AQ40) and the Four Horsemen from Naxxramas. The similarities being you need a regular tank for one of the Twin, and a Warlock tank for the other twin, and that there is some sort of strategy that you have to do with the debuffs that everyone in the raid must be paying attention to.

This fight is a very healing intensive fight. There was so much raid damage that we had to make a few changes in our raid setup, and had a total of four Resto Shamans, two Resto Paladins, two Resto Druids, and a Holy Priest. All that healing and we were still having difficulties keeping people alive.

There is so much stuff going on that it gets chaotic in the raid, and there are so many things that can lead to a wipe (which happens really fast btw). Besides from the obvious reasons of letting one of our tanks die, letting any of the healers in the raid die will quickly wipe the raid due to the shortage of heals. Also, Grand Warlock Alythess casts Conflagration on a random target, and that target must run away from the raid or it will instantly cause a chain reaction of fire damage and instantly kill the entire raid.

Why hello there Mary-Kate and Ashley…

Then there are the things you have to do with the debuffs you recieve during the encounter. Everytime you receive any fire damage, you receive the debuff Flame Touch, which increases the amount of fire damage you receive, and can stack multiple times. Same thing with taking shadow damage and getting the debuff Shadow Touch. The only way to clear the debuff is to take shadow damage to clear the fire debuff, and vice-verse. So you have to deal with raid positioning and even run into fires to take damage on purpose sometimes.

Though with all that going on, we managed to kill one of the twins, which is a great accomplishment in this fight so I am real happy with the raid. Sadly you do not receive any loot for only taking one twin down, but we are half way there!

I now leave you with a video of our first attempt. We went with the “stay alive as long as you can” strategy. This boss strategy however did not go too well, and we adapted to the one we are using currently. You can see me attempt to escape death using Invisibilty towards the end of the video…