Week 5/20 – Recap

Another fun filled week for me, including finally upgrading my outdated WordPress 2.3.2 to Wordpress 2.5.1. and me going home to my parent’s house for the weekend for some grill’n and chill’n.

World of Warcraft:

Good raid week for Utada. Although we only had two days of raiding, we made good progress in the Sunwell Plateau. Killed the first four bosses on the first day of raiding, and had a whole night of attempts on the Eredar Twins on the second night. I got my [Bracer of the Tempest], making that my 7th piece of my Tier 6 gear.

Kil’jaeden was killed by SK-Gaming on May 25th. World First Kil’jaeden kill. They have now beaten The Burning Crusade. More info at: WorldofRaids.com


I watched the new Indiana Jones movie with a couple of my friends. I had mixed feelings about the movie. Without spoiling anything, the movie had everything I loved about the Indiana Jones series, but the story was a bit… over the top.

I also ended up watching Iron Man again with my cousin because he has not seen it yet. The movie was still very good, and Robert Downey Jr. was such an awesome Tony Stark. There were also many subtle hints throughout the film at a sequel or other Marvel Superhero movies.

By coincidence, Ghost Rider was on HBO later that night. It was my first time watching it, and wow was that an awful movie. “Feels like my skull’s on fire” /shudder

Video Games:

Oh yea… at the movie theater, one of my all-time favorite arcade game was there. Marvel vs Capcom 2. My team: Ken, Cammy, Hayato. Me and my cousin had a lot of fun playing this game again after all these years. Still a ton of fun to play despite how broken the gameplay is.


After reading Usagijen’s post on upgrading her WordPress with ease by using a plugin called Instant Upgrade, I decided to finally upgrade mine as well. Using that plugin, I was able to upgrade my WordPress in about 5 minutes with everything working fine. w00t! Me likes the new interface :)

Real Life:

Memorial Day Weekend! A lot of BBQing, a lot of good eating, and a bit of drinking. It was a fun weekend, and the weather was all so beautiful.

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  • usagijen said:

    Congrats on the upgrade!

    I loved Iron Man too~ though revealing Tony Spark’s identity by the end of the movie was quite a shocker! o.o


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