Patch 3.2 Has Been Out for 5 Days…

… and I just now got around to downloading the new patch. Not that I wasn’t interested in the new changes or anything- I’m excited for the new buffs for the Mage class. It’s just that ever since I stopped raiding full-time, I’ve found other means of distraction now for my free time.


After merging my WoW account to my Bnet account, I went through my closet to find all my old Blizzard games to register them. I found my Starcraft, SC: Brood War, Warcraft III, WCIII: Frozen Throne, and my DII: Lord of Destruction cds. I couldn’t find my Diablo II cds though. After registering them, you now have the option to download the install for those games at anytime.

Yay I can play Starcraft again even though my cd has been scratched up beyond readable! After watching a few videos of the upcoming Starcraft II game, I decided to re-learn and master the Protoss race. I got a few of my friends to reinstall Starcraft again also, and we’ve been playing it like 3-4 days a week. So much fun for a game so old!

Speaking of Starcraft II, if you haven’t done so already, go opt-in for a chance to participate in the beta test- whenever they decide to start that.

Heroes of Newerth

Thanks to someone awesome, I got an invite to beta test the new Heroes of Newerth game. If you are familiar with DotA (Defense of the Ancients) from Warcraft III, this game is pretty much a graphical update of the game.


Still very addicting, and still very fun. Of course the players you play with are pretty much the same mean assholes you find in DotA as well. Some immature, some very foul mouthed, some both. Don’t worry, you’ll find some normal nice people on there sometimes as well.

I agreed to some “don’t leak pictures and stuff about the game” agreement, so I can’t really show you what it looks like, but if you just google the name of the game, you can find some around the interweb.

I also have a few extra invites I could give out as well if anyone is interested.

Marvel vs Capcom 2

OMG it’s Mahvel Baybee!! Still one of my all time favorite fighting game to play. Sure it is riddled with tons of glitches and there is barely any character balancing. But it is still so damn fun to play.


The game is pretty much a direct port, but this time there is online play. For a game where any bit of lag could kill you, online play isn’t as bad as you think. Sure there will be time where you KNOW you were blocking low and you still get hit, but it is still very fun to play- especially if you have friends that also grew up on this game like me.

It was recently released as an XBoxLive arcade game, and for 15 bucks it was a steal (for me at least). You can find me on XBoxLive if you ever want a match.


Ooh! My WoW client has just finished updating. Guess i’ll sign on and update my mods and stuff. Will Patch 3.2 have enough to get me hooked on the game again? We’ll see…

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