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Dragonball Evolution: Shenlong Wouldn’t Even Revive It(6)

April 10, 2009

When they announced that Dragon Ball was going to get a live-action film adaptation, fans of the series around the world did a /facepalm. After the last attempt of doing a live-action film adaptation of an anime/manga in the United States (Speed Racer), things wasn’t looking to promising for Dragonball Evolution.

Already you can see they [...]

Dragonball Evolution: Shenlong Wouldn’t Even Revive It

Week 7/8- Recap

New patch, new security tool, new video game announcements (including a unforeseen one), and new movies coming out soon. I also have a reason to start doing my dailies again! Blah but I don’t feel like it… but I DO need the gold now… we’ll see.
With the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), there will be a [...]

Week 6/10 – Recap

World of Warcraft:

We got an Illidari Council + Illidan Stormrage only Black Temple instance Monday night from a Guild which can clear all the through Mother Shaz, and since they don’t raid Monday night, they gave us the rest of the instance (since it resets Tuesday). Thanks to them, we were able to get yet [...]

Week 5/20 – Recap

Another fun filled week for me, including finally upgrading my outdated Wordpress 2.3.2 to Wordpress 2.5.1. and me going home to my parent’s house for the weekend for some grill’n and chill’n.
World of Warcraft:
Good raid week for Utada. Although we only had two days of raiding, we made good progress in the Sunwell Plateau. Killed the [...]

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