Mage PvP Gear: Season 5

While I was on an honor farming spree last week to upgrade my PvP gear, I made frequent visits to various sites, and took note of which gear is out there that I could acquire. I took note of how much honor or emblems I needed to help plan out what my goal was to farm.

I got a few requests for this, so I took the list that I had and expanded it further to make a PvP gear guide players can use to plan out which gear to get. Here is a list of various PvP gear you can pick up, from starter gear, to the best you can get for his season.

Frostsavage Gear is a great place to start if you are just looking to get into PvP. They are all crafted by Tailors, and the mats are fairly easy to farm, or fairly cheap to purchase of the Auction House.

If you are starting off with no honor and no emblems, this is the perfect place to start looking for gear. These pieces of gear act as great fill-in gear for any slots you still have open. It is also good gear to use to farm honor with.

Savage Gladiator’s Gear is the next step up from the crafted PvP gear. In order to obtain this gear you will need to have to farm a lot of honor, run a lot of heroic instances, or have a few arena games under your belt.

They share the same item set bonus as the Hateful and Deadly Gladiator gear, so the Savage gear can also act as good filler pieces to have the set bonus while you are farming for the better pieces.

You can purchase these pieces of gear in three different ways. By using emblem of heroism, honor points, or a mix of honor and arena points.

Hateful Gladiator Gear is the next best thing you can get, and will require you to do a ton of 25-Man Raids, or require you to do some Arena matches. Some of the pieces can also drop from 10-Man Vault of Archavon.

Pieces purchased with emblems or dropped from VoA doesn’t have a required Arena Ratings to purchase or loot, but if you purchase them using Arena Points, you will need to meet the Arena Rating requirements in order to purchase.

Deadly Gladiator Gear is the best set you can get for season 5, and can only be obtained by 25-Man Vault of Archavon, or with just Arena Points. Only three pieces of the set drops from VoA, but doesn’t have required Arena Ratings. Purchasing them with Arena Points will have high Arena Rating requirements.

Now that we’ve taken a look a the set pieces, we have to fill in the rest of the missing slots in our PvP gear. You have a few options for those pieces as well.

Hateful Honor Gear is the PvP gear you can purchase with Honor Points which doesn’t have any Arena Rating requirements. You can purchase them at the quartermaster at the war room of your faction. Stormwind for the Alliance, Ogrimmar for the Horde.

Deadly Honor Gear are an upgrade to the Hateful gear, but cost more Honor Points and also have Arena Rating requirements attached to them. Like the Hateful Honor Gear, they can be purchased in your faction’s war room, but from a different vendor.

Wintergrasp Gear you can get by turning in the Marks and Shards you obtained by participating in WG and doing the daily PvP quests in WG. Shards can also be obtained by doing Heroics while your faction has control over Wintergrasp.

The Heirloom Gear you purchase scales with your level, and are Bind on Account, which means they can be mailed to your alts to use.

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